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Re: World's happiest countries
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not necessarily.  a large amount of housing in Sweden is municipal.  therefore, if you want to live in a particular area regardless of your job, you go on a list and wait for an apartment to become available.  if you've got money you don't need to do this, you can just buy.  you could wait 3 or 4 years for an apartment, and depending on the area, more.  then when housing becomes available you choose the wallpaper and some colours and the state provides you with newly decorated apartment.  due to certain loopholes with waiting lists, it possible to do 'swaps', you could advertise your 15 pyeong in Dongdaemun, and swap it for a 25 pyeong in Suwon.  it's not the actual swapping that is the illegal, it's if money changes hands.  which it does.

My friend had a flat in Stockholm he inherited from his grandmother but he was forced to sell it (at the point of a gun basically) because he didn't stay in it enough. It sounded a bit communistic to me. 

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Re: World's happiest countries
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Martino's just a bit a lot ''off'' from your average kind person. Fearful thoughts of fire and hell  :evil: rule him.

Hey mate, imagine a part of the world where you actually smile and interact with people and you trust them, so much so you would leave your baby out while you are enjoying some coffee inside at a cafe. It's called Denmark. Remember, that awful place you know 0% about?

Stop being so autistic.
We don't need you to quote every minutia to prove you can't understand normal human interaction, we know and we get it, you must tell us all the facts like you see them and present all your unfascinating elaborate machinations.

I liked the Surstromming video 1000x better, mate.

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Re: World's happiest countries
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These lists are such jive nonsense. I think any country where the temperature gets below 15C is unlivable. To me, that is a bitterly cold winter day/night. That's why I left the Great White North all those years ago. Plus, living in the tropics with very little variation in daylight hours from solstice to solstice is good for the body.   

Then why are you in Korea?

Critical reading not your strong suit eh? Sad..........