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Some Banking Questions
« on: March 20, 2019, 02:38:03 pm »
I was told by a friend that once we leave Korea either our Korean check cards won't work abroad or the account has to be closed because we require a visa to obtain a korean account. Are either of these true?

Also I heard if we need to transfer money over using an international account they (the pension office, school or bank, etc. ) need the swift number to do the transaction. By swift number do they mean the routing number?

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Re: Some Banking Questions
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1. I donít think so, but the laws and individual bank policies change.
2. SWIFT is an international bank reouting code. You should be able to get it from your bankís website (or call them)

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Re: Some Banking Questions
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1. NO
2. and No

My card works overseas and I left the country once in 2009 and came back in 2011 and my KB bank card was still on and open.  I believe you just have to leave a few bucks on it for it to remain active.  I left 10,000won on the account when I left the first time and returned to it still on my account.  The only thing I had to fork over at Incheon airport when I left the country was my ARC.  They took that and said "bye"  I was shocked.  Kind of wanted to keep it as a memento at the time.   :cry: lol

And swift codes are usually a series of letters.  For example KB Banks Swift Code is CZNBKRSE 
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