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    • November 17, 2018, 12:32:33 pm
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I was wondering, I haven't entertained the idea of applying for jobs where housing isn't provided as I always assumed it would be way too complicated and stressful. I'm currently applying for different jobs (I'm already in Korea, my school for the past 4 months recently closed down), had a few interviews, had a few offers but haven't found the right job yet.

This may sound stupid and I might get some flack for this but one of my criteria for any job, after the obvious things like hours, pay, location is the accommodation. With my last job, I didn't see the apartment until I arrived but thankfully it was a good, clean, basic studio apartment which I felt comfortable in. I know we should be thankful for any accommodation they give us if we're living rent free but for me if the apartment is dirty and run down I would just be miserable. The reason I bring this up is I recently had a job which fell through for a number of reasons (unorganised, dishonest manager, just a bad situation overall) and the accommodation they gave me was awful, way further from the school than they told me, extremely dirty, smelly and run down with broken appliances etc.). I usually ask once I get an email address for a current teacher at any school jobs I've been offered if they can send me pictures of the apartment but they never do, is it normal for teachers to go through that lottery of not seeing where they will be living for the next year until they walk through the door?

For anyone who has gone down the housing allowance route instead of provided accommodation, what was your experience like looking for your own place? My Korean is still basic so getting into discussions on leases and negotiating with estate agents just seems so daunting. But at least this then allows you to choose somewhere you know you'll be comfortable in.