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Re: 2019 Grade 5 Cheonjae 2 - 6. What Will You Do This Summer?
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Lesson materials I used for all sections of Lesson 6. Most, if not all, of these materials are borrowed and modified/updated from other sources.

Period 1 - Vocab intro, worksheet, show them my childhood summers, Bingo
Period 2 - Review twinkler, Evolution game (if you have large classes, I've learned it's easier to make each level a "station" so the students can move around the classroom more organized and less chaotic)
Period 3 - Hot seat review, Make a story (acting out)
Period 4 - Level reading, Baskin Robbins reading game with fill in the blank
Period 5 - Bucket list (file not available)
Period 6 - Review, board game (print the challenge cards - students love it!), spy speaking & writing game, Summer in the USA (borrowed)

*Also did a rhythmic reading activity with my class and they got really into it. I start a simple beat hitting my thighs and clapping. Reading the story from the textbook, each student must say the next word on beat, going around the entire classroom. If a student hesistates or says the wrong word, we must start over. Each round can speed up.*