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    • November 17, 2018, 12:32:33 pm
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So my director told me about 3 weeks ago that my school was going to be closing due to a lack of students and not making enough money. It's a great little school and I've really enjoyed my time there so it's sad to have to leave only 4 months into my contract.

So anyway I interviewed for another job, afternoon hours, better pay, better location, everything I was looking for and I got offered it, they mentioned during the interview that they were initially looking for a female teacher but were impressed with my CV so wanted to interview me anyway. Two days later they offer me the job and after speaking to the current teacher and getting a good review of the school I signed the contract and sent it back.

Now it's one week until my school closes and they when my recruiter emails the school last Thursday to organise my move in date etc. they decide to tell me then that they had changed their mind again and decided they wanted a female teacher so wouldn't be able to hire me anymore. So now I'm in my last week at my current school with no job lined up at the end of it.

I've quickly emailed every recruiter I could on Dave's ESL cafe and whilst a few have been emailing me back, quite a few seem to just not be willing to help unless I agree to the first job they send me. I'm reluctant to sign up to anything I'm not fully comfortable with so I've maintained that my preferences would be afternoon hours as close as possible to central Seoul. However the recruiters all seem adamant that the only jobs available are Kinder-Elementary Hagwons with long hours. I currently work 09:30-7:30 at a kinder-elementary Hagwon which is why I was wanting to change to afternoon hours so I have more time to actually enjoy living in Seoul.

I was initially panicking about my living situation as my director told us (the other foreign teacher and I) we would have to move out of the apartments on the day the school closes. However we explained that this would be ridiculous as we don't finish work until 7:30pm. He's a reasonable guy so has agreed i can stay in the apartment longer but the money will have to be taken out of our deposit.

Now another thing I'm worried about is my visa, what happens to it if my school closes at the end of the week and I don't have another job lined up? Can I still just transfer it to a new school so long as I have my release letter and all the relevant documents.

Sorry for the long post but the whole situation just has me exhausted and it's starting to feel like it isn't worth all this stress. I've loved living in Korea and part of me really does want to stay, but the whole teaching scene just seems like such a ball ache with everything being so unorganised and unstable, with everyone seemingly trying to screw you over constantly. Like I'm here for the experience so why would I sign up for a job I'm not happy with, but if the recruiters are right and those jobs aren't out there then is the best thing for me to do just to pack up and head home?

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Re: Current school closing, no new job lined up. Give up and go home?
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2019, 05:22:16 pm »
can't you just switch to a d10 visa and chill out and look for a new job? if you're in korea it's probably better just to apply to jobs directly without a recruiter (i only ever hear negative stories regarding recruiters.. not sure why people still use them)

look on craigslist, worknplay, facebookm groups, etc

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Re: Current school closing, no new job lined up. Give up and go home?
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2019, 07:18:44 am »
 You should be able to get a letter of release from your current hogwan and transfer to another one. Right now the hogwans that don't have a teacher for March will be getting pretty desperate. You should be able to get all your documents like criminal background check and notarised degree from immigration so you will not have to jump through all those hoops again. Some of the locations around Gyeonggi do are pretty good and you can reach Seoul by subway fast. If you are willing to work outside of Seoul you have a much better chance of finding a job. ezmatch has a lot of urgent jobs that need teachers fast. Contact ezmatch and ask for Scott Jung. He doesn't have the best phone manners in the world however he is pretty useful for you to get out of this mess.

If you go back home you will have to start from the beginning. That means getting all your documents again. If you plan to do this than I would gun for EPIK. It is a pretty slow process however you won't have to worry about your school closing on you.