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Teaching 1st and 2nd grade English (Illegal?)
« on: February 14, 2019, 04:41:57 pm »
I'm an F6 teacher at a private elementary school. According to the news last year, it became illegal for schools to teach English classes to first and second graders. Does this apply to private schools (not hagwon or after school, but schools that run like EPIK, but parents pay to send their students there) as well?

Me and the other foreign teacher have expressed concern over this, since if caught, it could affect us. However, the school insists that other (private?) schools are doing it, and if caught, all blame will fall to the principal and we would be protected. I'm pretty sure they know they're not supposed to do it, since they don't want to outright call the classes English classes, but want us to come up with a name that kind of conceals we are teaching English.

It's a pretty tough decision as they want us to let them know if we will stay at the school and teach the classes, or leave because we don't feel comfortable doing it. The job pay is standard and I really don't want to leave, and although I probably could find another job, my wife and I still need some type of consistent income.

Would love to hear some advice and/or experiences from others in similar situations at private schools or other public schools.

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Re: Teaching 1st and 2nd grade English (Illegal?)
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No problem.

The hagwon is fined 10 mill.per teacher I think to remember,  but our boss bribed a few people so all E2s got released within the hour. If you are an F4 (dunno about F6 marital spouses?) immigration always let's you go, once my hagwon got raided when we had 40+ Aussies on tourist visas during summer camp  ;D and our E2 visas turned out to be registered at the main branch in gangnam so everyone was rounded up, but only the F- visas were left alone. We F4s were almost treated with pity more or less, like positive discrimination of some sorts. Was a complete nightmare to suddenly have to teach classes of 30 kids instead of 4.  :wink:

Ah... those good old days of teaching only tiny classes. 8) 8)

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Re: Teaching 1st and 2nd grade English (Illegal?)
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2019, 07:35:27 am »
I'm pretty sure the law only concerns public schools, I could be wrong though. Private schools have a bit more freedom I believe. You can contact Seoul Global Center and someone there who handles employment/labor issues can advise.