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    • February 11, 2019, 06:06:22 pm
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Hi all, sorry for the multiple questions but it's been quite a day. I'm on my first contract (fall intake) with EPIK in rural Gangwon. At first I didn't mind this area, but things started getting rough with my checked-out coteachers and I started thinking I might be better off transferring. Lately, I've been feeling anxious that I won't be renewed by the POE. It started when I received my student evaluation scores, which were good at my travel schools (in the 90-95 range IIRC) but bad at my main school (70). I know my kids are unmotivated and there were two problem homerooms (out of 9), but I was still a bit surprised. Then, I started worrying that my two coteachers, who were at best hands-off and at worst entirely dismissive of me, might have given me bad scores (no way to predict that). So, to help me chill out (I know it's a waiting game at this point), I'd like to be prepared for what the transfer process might look like, and when I should start to get worried. My transfer-related questions are:

-When/in which month will the Gangwon POE reach out regarding renewal?
-Is it possible that they might specify that I can renew, but only at my current schools--no transfer allowed?
-If they only mention renewal, when do I bring up wanting to transfer?
-If I'm not offered renewal, will all the teachers know?
-Also, do all of the other teachers at school rate me, or is it only my coteachers?

Lastly, I would also like to hear from people who might have experienced the situation that I'm about to be in at my school. Both of my coteachers applied for transfer. My non-main was accepted and placed last week on the designated placement day. My main coteacher was under the impression that she couldn't transfer, but was told just today she'd been placed in her requested city. My vice principal said that since it's so late, we would be getting a "contract teacher" (like an EPIK teacher, but Korean, I guess?). I'm worried that the kids, many of whom already have attitude problems, won't respect the brand-new teachers (even the new full-time teacher I met is very meek and mild--I'm a little nervous for her!) and thus, act out even more in my class. So, my other questions are--

-Has anyone had a "contract teacher" at their school? What's the difference between that and a "real teacher" (as my VP said)? Do the kids treat them as any other teacher, or is it a bit like how substitutes in America might be extra-hassled by the kids?
-What's it like to have two brand new coteachers who know the kids even less than you? Is any of the admin stuff hard to cross over?

Sorry guys, I'm very nervous/anxious after today. Thanks for reading my post and for any insight you might have.

Re: Transferring in Gangwon-do (and other small, non-Gangwon questions)
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Hey there. I'm in a similar position as you, although I can't answer all of your questions. First off, I wouldn't stress too much. From what I understand, Gangwon doesn't have enough NET's to fill all the positions they have, and it's very unlikely they wont ask you to renew. And your rural schools will likely be very appreciative if you stay. Some people that have been at the same schools for awhile get some really nice under the table perks.

As far as transferring, they will probably ask you 2-3 months before your contract is up. I don't think they'll have any hard feelings about it, because they're probably used to NET's leaving every year. You should also reach out to your coordinator to see if they have any advice or tips. I'm transferring to Chuncheon at the end of this month. It was super easy. When my Co asked if I wanted to stay I said I wanted to transfer. Next day she had me fill out a form. And about a month later I was notified what school I was going to.

Anyway, hope that provides some relief. 

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Re: Transferring in Gangwon-do (and other small, non-Gangwon questions)
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1- Gangwon POE is starting to reach out now for tentative renewal plans. Your district coordinator should have sent/be sending out this survey.
Fill it in-it's not binding at all.  You can even ask about/inform of your wishes to transfer in the "Reason" box.
The official paperwork will come out in a few months. I think things need to be submitted ~2-3 months before the contract end date so start asking you CoT about paperwork etc in May.
2.  I've heard of people encountering this in other provinces, but not in Gangwondo. You'll just have to see when the actual renewal paperwork comes out.  It also depends on the score that you CoTs/school give you-you need a higher score to transfer than you do to renew at the same school.
3. The official paperwork from the province should have the option to transfer right on it. You can then clarify what you want to do if you don't get the transfer (ie. resign or renew).
4. Maybe. Probably. Depends how gossipy your school is.  If it makes you feel any better, I got a score in the 90s at my travel school and a 79 at my main school. However, my main school decided they liked me so much that I'm teaching all the English classes and I no longer have a travel school.  Student evals are usually not a deciding factor-candy and games=higher scores, actual making them do work=lower scores. What matters is the score your CoTs and VP will give you on their evals.
5. It's only ever been my CoT and VP who've rated me.  They may or may not ask for input from other teachers if you work with the other teachers.

I've never a contract Korean English teacher, but there's a few at the other schools in my town.  The GET's with the contract teachers generally have positive opinions about them.

PS-Gangwondo specific contract renewal requirement: Make sure you have 30 training hours!! Especially important if you want to renew/transfer. Also required if you are planning to resign-they could take away completion bonus because you technically didn't complete all parts of the contract (however, we've never heard of anyone having this problem).
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