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Women's Hospitals/Birthing Centers in Southern Seoul
« on: February 10, 2019, 09:03:02 pm »
I searched for a question like this but didn't find much. I hope this isn't too much of a repeat. Just fwiw, I'm not pregnant (yet) but thinking about it in the next year or so.

I'm wondering about women's hospitals and/or birthing clinics in Seocho, Gangnam, or Songpa where other foreign women have had reasonably positive experiences giving birth. (A short ways north of the river toward the center of Seoul would be negotiable, too. I live in the southeastern part of Seocho.) I have basically only heard about the "natural" clinics like Mediflower and Yeon and Nature. I'm not sure how thoroughly I buy into the whole "natural childbirth" thing and of course those are pretty expensive compared to hospitals. If I need to go to one of those places, I will, but I was wondering if there were other options to be aware of.

Ideally, I'm looking for a place where (I'm trying to list these in order of priority, but they're all pretty important):
1.) Procedures used are evidence-based (i.e. have actual benefits for patients and don't just make things more convenient for the staff) and nothing is done without patient consent.
2.) No fundal pressure is used during delivery.
3.) Inductions and cesareans are called for only when truly medically necessary.
4.) Position changes during labor and upright positions in delivery are encouraged, except when medically contraindicated (e.g. due to epidural numbness).
5.) Epidural analgesia is available 24 hours a day.
6.) Episiotomies are not routine and are only given (with consent) when truly necessary.
7.) Policies encourage the success of breast feeding (babies can stay in mothers' rooms, formula is only given with mothers' consent, lactation consultant is available, etc.)
8.) At least some medical staff speak English. (I can speak conversational Korean, but I doubt I will be able to do so while in labor.)

Maybe that's a lot to ask for around here. Like I said, if it has to be one of the expensive places, that can be swung. I'm just wondering what else is out there.
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