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Kpop Card Bomb Game
« on: February 08, 2019, 02:57:39 pm »
Kpop Card Bomb Game

It's a bomb game mostly meant as an end of the year reward game (hence all the MVs) but can be used any time as a special treat :)

I made the challenge cards only dice and RPS just because we were short on time but feel free to change the links around/ change the card on the slide to a staring contest or arm wrestling challenge if you'd like.

There are three selection screens. First one is all boy groups. Second is girl groups.third is mix. We made the first set of 6 rounds all boy groups, the next 6 rounds all girl groups and the final 6 rounds all mix. We had a full 20 minutes and we kept the pace fast so time wise we had just enough. If time is short, you can skip around or alternate between screens every round.

I had them choose two cards just cause I wanted to work with big numbers for their scores but you can also make it so it is only 1 card.