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Giving Advice
« on: September 29, 2009, 10:48:05 am »
I teach with a text book and have done advice lessons with 1st and 2nd grade Middle school.

Start the lesson by introducing the topic of advice and ask the students if they understand the word. If not, give a simple example
"I failed my exam, what should I do?"
Hopefully your students will say "Study hard!"

Ask the students when they ask for or give advice to their friends or family.

This is a PowerPoint with about 14 different examples of when you may ask for and give advice.
I usually go through the slides and make sure the students understand the examples and I ask them to give possible solutions to each problem.

When the PowerPoint is finished, have the students think of their own examples of when they may ask for advice. I had my students work in pairs to make a short A and B dialogue. One person presented a problem (what should I do?) and the other student gave advice, same as the examples on the PPT.
When everyone is finished, have the students read their example aloud.

Some of the problems and advice my students came up with were pretty funny!

I changed this lesson with some students this week.
I printed off possible solutions to the advice problems. The students were in groups and were given the pictures and examples from the PPT.  I wrote and cut up 2 possible pieces of advice for the examples and the students had to match them to each problem. This went well, and we had time at the end, so I had them choose one and draw a solution that went with the advice!
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Re: Giving Advice
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Thanks for the great ideas. I took some of  your ideas (and photos) from your ppt and made a prezi to fit with my book lesson. If you wanna see it

I haven't taught the lesson yet so here's hoping it goes well :)
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