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I read about the experience on only one person that said he got rejected by TaLK despite explaining in his own terms that he would be perfect for the job. Part of that explanation was that he is almost fluent in Korean and had a BA. Someone suggested that he might have been overqualified for the TaLK program seeing as they want to allow people who are interested in learning more to have an introduction to authentic Korean culture. I hate to bring this up but we are all aware appearance plays a role in who gets accepted. He is mixed(black and white). I'm not worried about that very much because I've seen many black people get accepted into TaLK. But what I am concerned about is if I should pretend I don't know Korean, get accepted, and wait to reveal that I can speak Korean until I work at the school.

No one cares if you speak or do not speak Korean.

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    • April 23, 2010, 07:58:05 am
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 A lot of this depends on how early or late you apply. Also you might just not connect with the particular person who was assigned to interview you. Also paper work were your letters of reference specific to what they want? Did you list any health conditions. Any of these things can get you blackballed.