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    • February 02, 2019, 07:35:02 pm
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Terminating contract before end date (F4 visa)
« on: February 02, 2019, 07:43:00 pm »
Hi all. For any teachers with F4 visa, I was wondering what happens if you want to move schools before your contract ends.
Iíve heard that F4 visas are allowed to leave whenever they want, but I want more clarification to whether or not we are allowed to leave earlier than the notice days mentioned on the contract.

My contract states: Resignation-If Employee wishes to resign from the Employment and terminate this Contract, he/she must give Employer ninety (90) days prior, written notice of resignation stating a date of and a reason for resignation. If Employee chooses to resign, he/she shall repay the price of the flight and recruit fee paid by the Employer, and his/her VISA shall be cancelled.

Iíve been working at this school for 4months and my new school starts March 4th so I have less than 30 days to give notice. The current school havenít breached anything in the contract but they have been very shady with things which Iím very uncomfortable with.
Also it says that we have to repay the price of the flight and recruit fee.

So hereís my questions...
1. Are we allowed to give notice less than the written days on the contract?
2. Do we have to pay for flights and recruiter fee?
3. Theyíve provided housing for me and does that mean I have to pay for rents if they end up not finding a teacher when I leave?

Thanks in advance.