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one ideal site for me to spend time in would be some kind of hagwon/academy, ideally one that collaborates with entertainment companies or tends to have a high enrollment of musicians

There are no hogwons that collaborate with "entertainment companies" and employ "musicians", the idea is ridiculous and insulting. I know hogwons are lowly rated among learning institution but they're not quite at the level of circuses just yet.

However... English Villages are.

I suggest you apply to be one of the performers at an English Village, there are several of these theme parks dotted around the country, complete with theatrical performers dressed up to entertain. Go ahead and get an E2.
Catch my drift?

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So true. I remember this white guy on TV always acting like a goof. Struck me as white blackface a bit: Koreans always ask white foreigners to put up some weird show with stupidly contorted expressions. ;D
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