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EPIK severance pay (transferring MOE)
« on: January 31, 2019, 02:52:35 pm »

I'm transferring to a different MOE next year (Spring 2019) and was wondering if I will acquire the severance pay from my current contract. From what I've been told, EPIK teachers don't get their severance until they're entirely done in Korea. I was wondering if it was different if you're transferring offices of education.


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Re: EPIK severance pay (transferring MOE)
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Yes, you should get it at the end of this contract. You're an employee of your POE, not EPIK, so when your work term is up with this employer you collect your severance.
If you were transferring within your same POE they hold onto it and then pay out at the end of your contract at your highest salary level.

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Re: EPIK severance pay (transferring MOE)
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you are right bro