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Around the World Camp
« on: January 11, 2019, 02:02:16 pm »
I'll update as I make materials...

Here is my Around the world camp materials. It is a collection of stuff gathered on the web, other sharing sites, waygook, and self created files so not everything is mine. Please note: most of my students are third and fourth grade, so the level is meant to be on the lower side. I will also have a Korean teacher to explain any of the more complicated information. This is a 4 day camp (1 day we had a fieldtrip). You can easily take France and turn that into its own day and add more activities/ vocab for the worldmap/intro :)

Day 1: Intro to the World+ France (culture)
- The world puzzle activity will require prep. I printed all the separate pieces. laminated them, and added velcro strips on them so that they could be stuck on another board. If time or money is limited, you could simply print the pieces out, cut them, and have the students put them together on a table.

- the world intro ppt includes a pass the ball section where we will review famous landmarks, guess where it is, then pass the ball to see which student gets to try to find where the landmark is on the world map. The world map where they will be sticking the pictures on (you have to print the "pass the ball landmarks" doc out for these) is the same one that they would have used for the world puzzle activity. You could just as easily print out a pre labeled world map or even use a globe.

- the origami and workbook come from Mrs. Baia's classroom page. These were only backups so not used. France ppt is priamrily her work with my own edits

- The passports took my third graders an incredible amount of time to put together(15-20 minutes) so allot some time for this.

Day 2 : Mexico (Culture and Making your own Schedule)
- the pinata making activity will take some time. For the little ones I planned ahead and pre cut the tissue paper into small strips for them to use. We filled the pinatas with confetti but you can really use anything.

- the matching cards activity will require you to print these out before hand. I plan to have students play in small groups (for the bigger classes) and as a class (for the much smaller classes). The pairs are as follows: pairing the 6 pictures with the 6 key expressions, pairing the 6 clocks with the correct time.

Day 3: Brazil (Culture and Animal Focus)
- Ghilbi Speaking Game: I debated on whether to add pictures or words but went with words to help the smaller kids. You may need to explain before hand when you have to add an "s" (example saying red beak vs two beaks) to make things plural.

-spot the difference worksheet: level is very easy so it may be boring for the older students.

-Brazil intro ppt (Strange animals portion taken from a ppt uploaded by taylerwithane).

-Musical Chairs: For 3rd/4th the ppt will automatically show them the different options they have to make a sentence. I don't think they can memorize all the vocab within one class period  so this is more of a practice activity. For 5th/6th the ppt doesn't show the different options to make a sentence first. Students should try to make a sentence on their own first. If they need help, click to make the different options for them to use appear.

Day 4: USA (Christmas and thanksgiving focus)

- Turkey Craft: The older students would be fine cutting out and assembling the pieces together, but for 3rd and 4th grade I pre cut the turkey heads, beaks, and 5 feathers. We used a plastic cup as the body of the turkey which worked really well. We also had them write down 1 thing they were thankful for on each feather as well as provided them with stickers to decorate the bodies of their turkeys :)

- I personally didn't have time to do the writing telepathy game but I've uploaded it anyway in case anyone wants to take a look at it.
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