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I recently decided to return to all my games and learning tools to see how they can be updated and any errors that needed to be fixed. My main goal was to make everything easier to use and share with other teachers.

I am particularly happy to say that all files (with only one exception) have been updated to not require any additional fonts. This will make them far easier to take from classroom to classroom and share online.

Click here to view a list of all files with download links and details about how they have been updated. I have included all these files into a single “archive” so that you won’t need to download each file individually. Since I use more advanced features of PowerPoint there is sometimes some confusion about how to use my games. Over the next few weeks I will be uploading videos describing how to use each file on my Facebook page.

Thank you so much for playing my games and I hope they can help make your life as a teacher easier and as rewarding as it was for me!

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