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College Graduate (BA/AS) keen on teaching in South Korea
« on: January 07, 2019, 12:11:48 pm »
Hello everyone!

I'm from sunny San Diego, California, USA. I have my bachelor of arts in anthropology and associate of science in behavioral studies. While studying abroad I was awarded a scholarship to teach and tutor English to Korean ESL university students for a year. I loved every moment of it. For the past 6 months, I have been teaching English to Chinese students (age 4-11) via HAWO Academy's 51Talk. I love every minute of this, as well. As such, I'm interested in bringing these two worlds together. I am seeking a teaching position, public, private or hagwon, in Seoul, South Korea starting in late Jan/early Feb 2019.

I've lived in Korea for a year and thoroughly enjoyed myself - no need to worry about cold feet. Also, I have completed the apostille process for both my FBI criminal background and university BA diploma. My passport is ready for a new visa stamp.  :smiley:

I realize that finding a good position in Seoul may prove to be a challenge. Though, I feel it's well worth a try. If you are an employer who may be interested or someone with a lead, I would greatly appreciate your reply/message. I can provide you with my Kakao or Skype ID.

Thanks for reading!


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Re: College Graduate (BA/AS) keen on teaching in South Korea
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If you are interested in Seoul, you can send your resume and photo to