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Dear Interested Party,

I am seeking full time employment as an English instructor starting July 2019. A brief summary of my relevant experience includes 3 full years of teaching English at various elementary schools in Gangwon province, one full 6 month contract term as an online ESL teacher, 3 years experience as an after school program teacher at American elementary schools, and 2 years teaching experience at an American university as a teaching assistant. By Spring 2019, I will have completed my Master's in Anthropology, concentrating on Korean culture/ethnographic research in Korea with significant coursework in contemporary and colonial Korean history. I have also studied Korean language both while in Korea at Yonsei University extension in Wonju, Sogang University, and at my home university in San Diego, California. I am comfortable teaching, and independently planning for, all grade levels including university level. At the university level, I have 1 year experience teaching college content-based writing, and 1 year teaching anthropology topics such as debating multiculturalism. I have been TEFL certified in 2012. My employment will require full visa support. You may contact me via WhatsApp: 1-928-278-7440 or via email at Please contact me for a current CV and/or resume.

Warm regards,