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Re: Cereal with less than 5 grams of sugar
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Coupang has loads of cereal. Price is similar with what you’d pay at the store. 30,000 won qualifies for free shipping. Believe someone posted a how to thread a couple months back to help if you have issues navigating signing up and ordering.
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Re: Cereal with less than 5 grams of sugar
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If you don't like the selection of cereal in the supermarket then why don't you go back home!  :laugh: I jest.

You can often find foreign cereals in the popular department store supermarkets.

Mostly Seoul.  Mid sized cities and even some metropolitan cities that have a department store will often have less selection and limited variety.  Seoul Myeong Dong Shinsegye is best when I visit up to Seoul.  Many Marts away from Seoul don't have anything except the sugary Korean type. 

Anyways, I usually stock up on muesli boxes when I go up to Seoul a couple of times a year.  Then, I order stuff from I herb too.  I mix it all together and try to get through the semester as best I can.  Sometimes towards the very end I have to buy some Korean stuff.

I have always wanted to visit seoul. It such a pretty city. I really love how south korea is. But do koreans love sweet stuff beacuse you said most cereals are sugary. Muesli is amazing. I usually order it online. But i guess i can find online sites for you.
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