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TV Show Unit 3rd Year Middle School (girls)
« on: December 03, 2018, 10:39:58 am »
Hello all! I made a similar post to this about two years ago, but I've stepped up my game since then. I do this unit with third year girls every winter, in the period between final exams and graduation. We watch the Korean/US short TV series Dramaworld on Netflix. (My girls have a really wide range of English abilities, with the majority at the lower end of the spectrum, so the mix of Korean and English engages even the sleepy/unmotivated students. However, you could sub out Dramaworld for any show that suits your purposes better).

Kdrama intro: This PPT goes over the different genres and tropes of kdramas. It also can start a discussion on what dramas they like, why do they like them, and how are American dramas different from Korean dramas. I let them watch short clips of a few of the dramas I liked when I was young, and one infamous clip from a telenovela (this always goes down the best).

Dramaworld intro: PPT that introduces the characters names, jobs, and which "world" they belong to. The character/personality traits are something I tell them to leave blank on the worksheet until we've finished watching episodes 1-3.

Dramaworld Workbook: Korean-English vocab list, kdrama tropes, character info, short answer reaction questions for each episode, "create your own drama" worksheet, scenes from episodes 1-7. Every time they complete one of the pages, I give them a stamp. Two stamps are equal to one raffle ticket. We do a drawing on the last class and there are some small prizes they can win. for the "scene replay"/role play, if they can recreate one of the scenes in front of the class, I give each participant two stamps. (This part of the workbook is where the vocabulary chart comes in more handy).

Anyway! This is definitely not for everyone, but it works with my girls. Feel free to use any of my materials to build something new if kdrama satire is not really your thing.

Re: TV Show Unit 3rd Year Middle School (girls)
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2019, 03:09:53 pm »
this is so awesome my girls will love this! thanks!