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Sinking of the Estonia: the MI6 connection
« on: November 26, 2018, 09:40:09 pm »
Not sure if any of you remember the tragic loss of the MS Estonia in 1994.

The MS Estonia capsized and sank in 45 minutes, going to the bottom in 250 feet of water, 20 miles south of the coast of Fin- land, at 1.48am. The 852 deaths made it one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century; there were just 137 survivors.

The Swedish government at first promised to raise the wreck and to spare no cost in finding the cause of the disaster. But then it changed its mind, refusing all pleas from the bereaved relatives to bring the Estonia to the surface, even though it lay in shallow waters.

After the sinking, the Swedish government promised to raise the wreck, then abruptly changed its mind and paid the relatives huge compensation sums to go away.

In the aftermath of the disaster, many relatives of the deceased demanded that their loved ones be raised from international waters and given a land burial. Demands were also made that the entire ship be raised so that the cause of the disaster could be discovered by detailed inspection.[30][31] Citing the practical difficulties and the moral implications of raising decaying bodies from the sea floor (the majority of the bodies were never recovered), and fearing financial burden of lifting the entire hull to the surface and the salvage operation, the Swedish government suggested burying the whole ship in situ with a shell of concrete.[32][33] As a preliminary step, thousands of tons of pebbles were dropped on the site.[31]

Then they dumped thousands of tons of rocks on the wreck to try and bury it. Why?

a retired MI6 officer whom I have known for many years, told me that the sinking of the Estonia was not an accident and that Britain and the Baltic nations had good reason to want the wreck buried. Estonia (the country) had been used, he said, as a transit point to get sensitive military technology out of Russia and on to ferries heading for the west.

So nato was stealing Russian military technology?

The whole thing is reminiscent of MH17. the smoke and mirrors, the loss of many civilian lives, the rigged
investigations and cover-ups.  Interesting read.
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Re: Sinking of the Estonia: the MI6 connection
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2018, 02:51:55 am »
Schizotypy is the strongest predictor of conspiracy belief. In addition to experiencing the world in unusual ways, we found that people higher in schizotypy have an elevated need to feel unique, which has previously been linked with conspiracism. Why? Probably because believing in non-mainstream ideas allows people to stand out from their peers, but at the same time take refuge in a community of like-minded believers.

In our studies, conspiracy believers were also disproportionately concerned that the world is a dangerous place. For example, they were more likely to agree that "all the signs" are pointing to imminent chaos.

Finally, conspiracists had distinct cognitive tendencies: They were more likely than nonbelievers to judge nonsensical statements as profound for example, "wholeness quiets infinite phenomena" a tendency cheekily known as "bullshit receptivity."

They were also more likely to say that nonhuman objects triangle shapes moving around on a computer screen were acting intentionally, as though they were capable of having thoughts and goals they were trying to accomplish.

In other words, they inferred meaning and motive where others did not.