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Looking for Freelance PPT Game Template Maker
« on: November 22, 2018, 10:47:04 pm »

I used to live and work in South Korea as an English teacher for EPIK and used many resources from Waygook.

Now, I currently work for an edtech startup called Lingokids. Our mission is to break down barriers to education and bring equal opportunities to children all over the world. We help children with ages ranging from two to eight years old learn English in a self-directed and interactive way through our language learning app on mobile phones and tablets.

I am the manager of a new pilot program called the Educators' Program and I am looking for innovative content such as the bomb game templates I used to use as a teacher.

Are you interested in a paid opportunity to make PPT game templates?

If so, please E-mail me at so we can discuss further.

Are you or do you know of an English language teacher (native or non-native, foreigner or local) who teaches children ages 2-8 years old? If so, could you please take just a couple minutes to take this survey? (no long answers involved and you can take it on your phone!) 🙏 Please share it with teachers around the world! 🌏

We have released a sort of beta version of the Educators' Program, and now we are looking to develop it further and expand it. To do this, we would like to research more about the backgrounds of the educators out there, their teaching environments, and the challenges they face in order to create content that is most helpful to them.

The survey is anonymous, unless you answer the last question which is to register if you are interested in doing prototype tests in exchange for goodies like free subscriptions to the Lingokids app for you and your school. Thank you! :smiley:

If you would like to read more about Lingokids, click here: We were also featured in this article: