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Re: No life outside of school
« Reply #20 on: December 17, 2018, 06:14:03 pm »
Are you into fitness? I've met a few people at my gym (some work there, others are just members) and they really love interacting / working out together. It could be a good hobby to get involved in during your weekdays and some may even turn into friends!

Can attest to this as well - have had some fellow gym-goers become friends. If you're around the same age, they're probably curious to get to know you, particularly if you're one of or the only foreigner at the gym. At least it can be acquaintances to grab a bit with on occasion and shoot the breeze.

I generally keep my work and home life separate, but my closest friend of over a year is a former coworker. May have just been luck in our meeting, but he's one of my best friends at this point, alongside with others I've known 20+ years in the states.

Consider your hobbies/interests and if any of them have a natural social community - go meet up with people that share interests or are like-minded. Gaming is big here - make some PC bang friends if you dig that. Etc. etc. Use the power of the net! I'm sure there are forums/communities for most things here, and that you can find people comfortable enough with Korean to help you get there if you need it.

If you're going out solo into Seoul, try just approaching people you think seem cool or relatable. It may seem a strange notion at first, but as someone living in a foreign country, this is a pretty natural step in growing relationships. You'd be surprised - as others have mentioned on here, many people out there would love to make new friends. 

More than anything, make the most of your weekends!

Good luck : )

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Re: No life outside of school
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Honestly grab a beer or soda in a busy area and someone will talk to you. Sit outside a CU or GS25 and eventually  you'll spark up a conversation with someone. I always talked with locals and even the store clerks. If you are friendly you will meet people and have fun.

Too bad Seoul Pub closed you could make 10 friends a night there.