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Kindy Contract, please help! :)
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I dunno guys. I really enjoyed the interview but quite a few parts of this contract seem a little vague. All and any feedback is appreciated  ;D


Both parties agree on the following terms and conditions:

1. Contract Period
The length of employment shall be for one year, commencing on the date of the Employee’s first
day of work and ending after twelve consecutive months:
From March 2, 2018 to February 28, 2019. (Haha these dates are wrong!)
2. Work Schedule
1) The Teacher will teach classes between the hours assigned by the school. The classes start from
9:30 am to 6:30 pm from Mondays to Fridays. In case of going on a field trip or preparing for
any events, the schedule can be adjusted forward and backward. Teachers’ meetings and
workshops are excluded in working hours.
2) The Employee must arrive by 9:20 am each working day. Should there be meetings or workshops
scheduled outside of regular working hours, the Employee must attend these meetings and
workshops on time. During summer and winter vacation periods, classes and teaching hours
might change according to the needs or according to the judgment of the Employer.
3) Saturdays working (9:30AM-6:30PM) – Training workshop, seminar and events such as market
day, science day, Halloween, Christmas concert, sports day and entrance fair for [School] branches included head quarter. The teacher can have make up classes if there are less
school days than whole session days.
If the Saturday working exceed more than 4 days, extra days will be paid with the properly
issued extra allowance which is decided by employer reasonably depend on working hours.

4) The Employee’s working days are from Monday to Friday, excepting public holidays and vacation
days. In the event that the Employee is absent from work on any given day owing to personal
reasons, the Employee will be required to make up that day’s work on another day which is
scheduled by the principal.
3. Salary and Bonus
1) The Employee’s salary will be paid in Korean won (KRW) on the 10th of each month. The Employer
agrees to pay the Employee KRW 2,200,000 per month.
2) The Employee will be given a severance pay equivalent to one month salary at the completion
of the full contract.
3) Salary, Overtime (15,000 KRW/hour) and Bonus are subject to Korean income and resident taxes.
4) The Employee will be provided a one way ticket upon completion of the contract.
5) The Employer will provide transportation to support the Employee’s move from Incheon Airport
to the school.
4. Housing
1) The Employer will provide rent free housing for the Employee. The Employee is responsible for
paying monthly utilities and building maintenance fees for the aforementioned.
2) The Employer deducts KRW 300,000 from the first payment of the employee for the deposit.
3) Any accrued non-payments of utilities and building maintenance fees may be deducted from the
Employee's last monthly salary before the expiration or termination of the contract.
4) Housing is single and furnished.
5) The Employee shall relinquish all household furnishings provided by the Employer upon the
expiration or termination of the contract. The Employee will be financially accountable for any
damage done to the furnishings for the duration of the contract period.

5. Health Insurance, NATIONAL PENSION
An E2 VISA holder can join the National Pension.
1) Calculation of National Pension
9% of your monthly salary will be sent to the National Pension Corporation.
2) Contribution of National Pension
The employer will pay - 4.5%
The employee will pay - 4.5%(Every month 4.5% will be from the deducted employee's salary)
3) Receipt of National Pension
The employee must go to the National Pension Corporation to receive the National Pension
From the National Pension Corporation after the contract is finished and before the employee
leaves Korea.
4) Necessary documents to receive your pension
- Passport
- Airplane ticket
- A copy of alien registration card
- Social security number
6. Leaves of Absence and Vacation
1) If the Employee is unable to attend class due to illness, he/she must notify the Employer at least
3 hours in advance of the start of class. Emergency sick leave may be granted for 1 unpaid day
conditional upon the provision of a doctor’s diagnostic report by the Employee, before or after
the event.
2) The Employee will be given 10-day-paid vacation per year and national holidays, and the vacation
days will be organized by the Employer not by the Employee.
7. Employee Duties
1) The duties of the Employee will be as follows;
a. Planning and implementing lesson plans and classroom activities
b. Developing educational programs and materials
c. Grading and evaluating students
d. Attending teachers’ meetings and workshops
e. Performing all activities related to operation of the school
2) The Employee shall faithfully instruct his/her students according to the methods of the Employer.
Adequate class preparation is expected of the Employee at all times. The Employee will be
provided with books and materials necessary to conduct classes. The use of supplementary books
and materials must be preceded by the approval of the Employer. The Employee will endeavor
to enhance the image and promote the educational purpose of the Employer at all times. To that
end, the Employee will act responsibly and follow the instructions of the Employer in good faith.
8. Confidentiality
Employee must agree that during his/her employment, he/she may have access to or acquire a
client, competitive and other business information from to [School] that is unique
and which cannot be lawfully duplicated or easily acquired.
The Employee must understand and agree that he/she has a continuing obligation not to use,
publish or otherwise disclose either during or after his/her employment with [School] any trade secrets, confidential or proprietary information belonging to, or concerning or
referring to [School]
The Employee also must acknowledge that breaching this provision will cause immediate and
irreparable harm to [School] and that money damages will be inadequate relief.
Therefore, the employee must agree that [School] will be entitled to injunctive
relief to enforce this paragraph, and he/she consent to the issuance by court of competent
jurisdiction of a temporary restraining order, preliminary or permanent injunction to enforce its
rights under this paragraph.
9. Dismissal / Release from Contract
1) The Employer will have the right at its sole discretion to dismiss the Employee for clear neglect
of his/her duties delineated in this contract, including but not limited to, tardiness, and any
absences without the approval of the Employer or good reasons thereof. Furthermore, the
Employer will have the right at its sole discretion to dismiss the Employee if an assembly of the
half individual constituents of the Employer should determine by majority vote, that the
continuation of the Employee’s employment would in any way undermine the optimal operation
of the Employer and the discharge of its day-to-day responsibilities. Before any such dismissal,
the Employee will be warned by letter and given 2 working days in which to rectify problems.
Failure to correct problems within the time permitted will be cause for immediate dismissal.
2) Criminal or other conduct inside or outside the place of employment that would, in the opinion
of the Employer, jeopardize the reputation of the Employer, students, and/or staff, will be cause
for immediate dismissal without warning. Immediate dismissal will be effected under the following
a. Failure to rectify two written warnings,
b. Inebriation on the job,
c. Sexual and other disorderly/inappropriate misconduct,
d. Employment with other parties.
3) Both parties have the right to make the contract null and void under the following circumstances
by giving a minimum of one week advance notice in writing with reasonable and adequate
a. The health of the Employee is such that it is deemed impossible for the Employee to continue
in his/her capacity.
b. The Employee is advised to leave the country by his/her government or the Korean government
in the event of war or civil strife.
c. The Employee has a personal or family situation that requires immediate attention.
10. Jurisdiction
1) This agreement will be interpreted according to the internal (domestic) laws of the Republic of
Korea. A competent court in the Republic of Korea will have jurisdiction in regard to any dispute
or claim arising out of, or in connection with, this contract.
2) The Employer and the Employee have executed this contract on the date indicated below.
Intending to be legally bound and IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Employer and the Employee have
appended their signatures.