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F6 Visa
« on: October 01, 2018, 07:05:51 pm »
My wife (Korean) and I live in Australia.  We are both working here but have been thinking about going to South Korea to live and work.  I think that we meet some of the criteria for an F6 visa but because we are living and working in Australia at present.  The following criteria is a concern to me.

1. The house - either owned or rented we do not have in Korea (because we are living and working in Australia)
2. The job (income) in South Korea we do not have for the exact same reason.


1. We are definitely able to provide evidence of plenty of money to support ourselves is that sufficient?  Or would my wife need to leave Australia first and get a house and a job then we apply?

2. Am I able to work on an F6 visa?  Does it automatically come with working rights or is there something else that needs to be applied for?

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Re: F6 Visa
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 10:43:55 pm »
Dave's advice is great.

As an aside, I don't believe you can apply for the F6 from Korea, (you can switch to it from another visa, but your first visa needs to be applied from out of country), so you'll be making a visit to the consulate regardless.

In terms of housing and job, they need to know that you have a place to stay and can support yourself. If (as Dave said) your wife has family here, you may be able to use their home as a base for your application. Per the job, if you have savings, you would be able to use that as proof of being able to support yourself.

On an F6, you'll have full working rights, with a few niche limitations (i.e. some government and military related jobs).

Don't worry, your wife isn't the first person to bring her spouse back to Korea, and she certainly won't be the last!