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Hello, admins! My yearly subscription for $20.00 already went through my bank account automatically....but I cannot download anything today. Can someone please unlock it for me? I tried searching through the threads already.  Thanks.

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    • March 01, 2011, 06:05:42 pm
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Same problem here, after subscribing this morning: I've tried logging in and out and closing the site and reopening to no avail. Please, c'mon administrators, I've paid and need access right away. This is a full free day for me to explore some ppts for ideas and plan, and I'm very busy. This delay is sucking up vital time from me.

I'm also having this problem. I renewed but cannot access the lesson the downloads. Need this fixed please.

Well, it looks like I can access the files now. Thanks! Maybe it takes a few days to kick in. I hope the other people can access them soon, too.

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    • March 01, 2011, 06:05:42 pm
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Glad to hear it worked out. I'm still being ignored. I paid by PayPal after being given no option to use my Visa directly, and was presented with two options to pay. I opted for the money to go directly from my bank account, and was then informed by PayPal that it will take up to 7 days for the ECheque to clear (never in my life heard of an ECheque before then)

In 2018 it takes 7 days! It's a joke! And it's robbed me of 4 valuable days of prep at my most important time. Meanwhile I've gotten no response from Admin who are happy to run my subscription from Thursday 13th Sept without giving me access. In short a piss poor outcome.

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    • June 02, 2018, 06:25:54 pm
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I didn't see any problems with your subscriptions, they are active.

You might have needed to clear your cache, but I am glad it's working.

If you have problems.  Send me a Private message, I can reply faster that way.

@auster. even if paypal took a while to process your payment, you could have PM'd me and I would have helped you out.

@SanderB. I modified your post to make it more obvious where the links appear on a thread.
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Carpe Diem

I'm having the same issue!! Please solve this for me.