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Music Teachers
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I know that most of what is in this teaching related thread may have to do with teaching EFL
in Korea (or wherever in Asia you may be). But I wonder how many of you teachers out there
are also qualified to be music teachers? It matters not if you have the qualification in either
vocal or instrumental or grade level range such as primary, intermediate or secondary.

I am qualified to teach music and ESL, I spent 10 years in Asia teaching EFL and since
I returned to Canada I got a job teaching music education for an indigenous school board.
I am a junior/intermediate teacher (Grades 4-8) but my assignment is teaching kids from
Kindergarten to Grade 8. I have taught music at 2 schools for only 1 year, I am in my second
year teaching music.

Going from 10 years of teaching EFL to teaching Music here in Canada is a big change. I will
not get into detail on that, but are there any former EFL teachers out there who now teach
Music or visa versa?

One thing I was encouraged by one of my principals to do is start up a new extra-curricular
music program. At the junior/intermediate (4-8) school where I teach at, there is no wind
instrument program for my intermediate students because the budget for music is less than
$5000. My school cannot afford to buy these woodwind and brass instruments. So what is
my solution? Start up a choir.

If I start up a choir, most of the students would range from 4th grade to 6th grade.
There would barely be any 7th or 8th grade students in the choir because grade 7
and 8 students (boys in particular) tend to have trouble finding their vocal ranges
because of puberty. This is why intermediates need instrumental music. So if I do
a choir, I would have to have select students.

Another issue I have is that I do not have any choir resources. I am living and
working in a rural area where there are no local merchants available for selling
music materials for school choirs. I would have to travel 120 km away to find
a merchant that has choir material available. The issue is I am broke at this
time because I had to pay my rent and I need to save money driving my car
at such distances. Also the songs that I need for repatoire are songs that do not
have a high level of difficulty, 2-part harmony, and piano accompanyment.
However a disproportionate number of my students cannot read notes, so I will
have to do what my teacher did when I was in 5th grade, teach the songs by

If you know any sources of where or how to find school choir songs, please
let me know because the resources at my school are limited. Thanks.
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