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This is my first time applying to teach in Korea. I've read many forums, watched several Youtube videos, etc. I have prior teaching experience teaching English to a Korean girl that had just come to the U.S. as well as teaching an English class for a summer program.  While I would love it if someone could look over everything for me, my main points of concern are:
1. Pay is 2.1 million won/month and I'm a negotiator (but I've never negotiated on a global scale), so I would like it to be bumped up to at least 2.4 million won. But in this case, should I negotiate or should I leave it be?

2. I had thought that the hagwon was covering my flight TO Korea, but recently realized that that was not the case. They are only covering my flight back home after my contract ends.

3. Asking for the a 3rd paid sick day. Currently, the contract only allows for 2 paid sick days.

Also, does anyone know anything about YT Academy in Jeonju (Yeonsei University Hagwon)? I have been looking all throughout the internet for some information about it, but have failed to find anything.  I do have the web address to their blog that my recruiter sent me:
and their facebook that I found online:

Below is my contract. I really hope someone looks at it and gives me their opinion.

1. INTRODUCTION:This is an agreement between (                   ) hereinafter called `the instructor' or ‘the teacher’ or ‘ the employee’) andYT academy(hereinafter called `the institute' or `the school' or ‘employer’). The instructor agrees to teach students at the institute at the times designated by the institute management, and agrees to develop and present educational programs for the students. The instructor agrees to follow and strictly comply with the School's policies and guidelines during the period of this agreement.


(A) It is hereby agreed between the school and the instructor that the instructor shall teach at the school for one year, startingfrom29th, Oct, 2018 to27th, Oct.2019.

(B) If the instructor wishes to renew her contract at the end of one year, she must inform the School two months prior to the end of one year's service, and the contract may, if both parties agree, be renewed at that time for another year by mutual agreement.


(A). The teacher is expected to devote no less than one or half hour a day at the institute for the lesson planning(class preparation) with co-teachers, studentevaluationss yllabuses, report cards, field trips, consultation with parents, supervision of play, maintenance of the English environment during breaks, workshops, staff meetings, and upgrading ones professional knowledge and skills without additional pay. The work week will follow the yearly academic calendar issued by the school

(B) The instructor's working hours(1:30pm~9:00pm)shall bedetermined by the School'sschedule.However, the teaching schedule can be changed according to School’s schedule. 

(C) The instructor is responsible for familiarizinghersel f with all institute materials relevantto teaching at the School.The instructor shallfaithfully teach and train students at the School.


(A)The teacher's total monthly salary shall be 2.1million won. The teacher's annual salary will total 25.2million won. A severance pay bonus equivalent to one monthsalary will also be paid at the end of the contract. This compensation is in exchange for working an average of 7.5 hours a day, five days per week, totaling 150 hours a month during the contract year.

(B) On completion of one responsibilities of the full contract period, the severance pay is 2.1million won equivalent to the monthly salary. It will be paid only at the completion of the contract.

(C) If the instructor teaches, by mutual agreement ofthe instructor and employer, additional teaching hours over and above 30 hours per week. Overtime compensation at 20,000Won/hour shall be paid for those hours.

(D) The instructor's salary will be paid monthly on the regular day for payment of instructor's salaries.

5. AIRFARE To Home Country:

The instructor's one-way economy class or regular class airfare to Home country will be paid by the school only at the completion of the contract.


(A) The institute will provide a private single person apartment or house

(B) Costs for all utilities, including lighting, heat, and water, shall be borne by the teacher.


The teacher shall enjoy 10 days of paid vacation (in addition to all Korean
national holidays and Saturdays and Sundays). The paid vacation will be normally 5days for Summer and 5 days for Winter. But the schedule can be changed by school’s schedule. Documented sick leave and emergency leave will be paid for a combined total of 2 working days a year. The teacher should provide the institute with as much advance notice as possible. The teacher should submit doctor’s prescription to the school for approving sick leaves. Unused sick leave may not be converted into any cash payment. If it is found that the hours/days of absence reported as sick leave or emergency leave were not in fact for such purposes, related costs shall be subtracted from the following months pay. The above leaves will be included in the period of medical care compensation according to the Article 78 of Korean Labor Standard Law.


Pension: The employer shall deduct 50% of the required payment to the national pension plan, match it (bringing it 100%), and pay the pension service (NPS) in accordance with Korean labor law (This is refundable at the end of the contract for E2 visa-holders from most countries, depending on international agreements)


Instructor will be covered bymedical benefits underthe National Medical Insurance Act of Korea, a GovernmentHealth Organization. The cost of this coverage will beborne half by employer and half by instructor.Instruct or's share of this coverage will be deductedfrom instructor's monthly salary.


(A) The instructor shall not disclose any of the contents of this agreement, including salary, to a third party (including other employees of the school)

(B) The instructor shall not disclose any information relating to the contents of lecturers and business operation of the School without prior permission of the School.  Violation of this portion of the contract will cause the Instructor to be responsible to compensate the School for all possible losses suffered by the School.

(C) If the school is breaking Korean law or violating contract, the instructor has the right to use legal channels regardless of duty of secrecy.


(A) The instructor is required to conduct him/herself in a professional manner and to wear neat attire while at the school. Casual clothing is acceptable, provided that it is neat and clean.

(B) The following forms of behavior will not be permitted.

1) Not following scheduled class timetables and dismissing, canceling, or starting classes late without the prior approval of the institute director.

2) Conducting class while under the influence of alcohol, while smoking, or under the influence of illegal drugs.

3) Making sexual advances towards, or entering in to relationships with students or employees of the School.

(C) The institute shall have the right to terminate this contract if the instructor violates the contract or fails to conduct him/herself in a professional manner. At least 30days termination notice will be given to the instructor in such case. In this case, the institute has no duty to give the severance pay bonus and return airfare to the instructor.

(D) If the Employee wishes to voluntarily resign from employment before the completion of this contract the employee must provide written notice to the Employer at least 2 months before the resignation

(E) For a dismissal or voluntary resignation within this Contract’s period.
Theemployee agrees to reimburse to school the cost of airfare which school paid to the
employeeplus additional costs that school provided.(hiring other new teacher-recruiting fee)

(F)The teacher cannot work for other schools or companies without the consent of the school.

(G) In the event of family emergency or funeral leave, the employee may take leave once, for up to for one week, bearing his / her own travel expenses. If the employee deems it necessary to quit because of this crisis, the employer is not required to pay any compensation, bonus or partial bonus.


(A) The visa-mandated health check shall be underwritten 50% of each by the employer and employee.

(B) If the employer fails to comply with health insurance law and the employee becomes ill, the employer is liable with respect to medical expenses.

(C) If the employee fails to disclose previously recorded medical conditions, he or she is liable with respect to related employment and financial consequences.

13. Important notice.

(A)No private teaching jobs. (With the agreement of an E-2 Visa, the government does not allow English teachers to work in private sectors therefore working a private job or taking on private English students can become an illegal issue.)

(B) No cell phones in the classroom. Although it is tempting for the teachers to use cell phones in the classroom, it’s very important that they do not, the use of a cell phone is super distracting to the students and the teacher alike. When students are reading or writing your focus should be on the students 100% of the time. The use of a cell phone in the classroom can result in a warning, upon receiving 3 warning the director has the right to release the teacher without bonus pay.

(C)No swearing or hitting the students, sometimes the students will mishave but this gives you no right to hit or swear at the students, again if a teacher is caught swearing or hitting the students then it will result in a warning. Please talk to the student calmly and if a situation becomes increasingly difficult then refer to a manager or the director to solve the situation.

(D) If you are to miss a day of a work for personal reasons, the pay will be deducted for 1 days.

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Did you notice on the blog there's a photo with the teacher and all the kids wearing coats and scarves in the class room? not a good sign. Neither is 2.1 mil for  six hours teaching a day.

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This is so sad. This contract is worse than the 1st contract I signed in 2005. Man, there are better starting gigs in several other countries that are actually nice to live in. You know, the countries where many waygooks spend their winter 5 days vacation.
When the wicked are confounded, and consigned to flames of woe, call me.

This is so sad. This contract is worse than the 1st contract I signed in 2005. Man, there are better starting gigs in several other countries that are actually nice to live in. You know, the countries where many waygooks spend their winter 5 days vacation.

How about linking to one?


They put the salary date on the contract.
They updated to 3 paid sick days.
They covered my flight to Korea from the U.S.
I got the email address of the English teacher that I will be replacing and sent her an in-depth email asking about 22 thorough questions. One of which was if the building had heating and air conditioning, which it does. The photos from the blog are from 2014, so  :blank:

I took the job and am very content  ;D with my decision.

Thank you for your input.