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MS camp w/ 2 Ss - no computer/whiteboard - ideas?
« on: July 16, 2018, 03:58:12 pm »
I work at a girls middle school. Since the school will be under construction (recently found out) we need to be in a non-classroom room. I planned a camp but with only 2 students and the location change I'll probably need to make new activities. No biggie, but I need ideas. I'm going to Dokdo Wednesday-Friday so low prep is best. Camp is 9:00-12:30 for only 3 days.

Current ideas:

Cooking (maybe I can bring a microwave):
-chocolate bars

-Create a country and flag
-Draw a caricature of me
-Make cartoons

Card/board games
-Boggle (we have boards)

Active games
-Shooting tennis balls into a box
-Beer pong
-Paper football
-Paper airplane through improvised hoop

-Make a video (one KT said there's smartphone software for making good videos -- never heard about this)

Thanks for any ideas.

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Re: MS camp w/ 2 Ss - no computer/whiteboard - ideas?
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2018, 11:43:44 am »
I have done a camp where I played card and board games with students for a couple of days and then had the students make their own game - card, board or other, and then teach the rules and play the game.

Alternatively, you could look at a Dungeons and Dragons style game (search it on the site its there)

You could give the student several lyric sets and have them choose one song, have them get creative with the lyrics... write them in different places around the school and take video/photo of them and then take a laptop in and have them work with you to put the videos/photos to the sound track and have it shown at the school festival later in the school year

Ask the students what they would like to do... conversation activities, reading stuff, review of textbook so far....
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