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I c/p what I thought were the important parts, even if nothing looked too off about them, just so you guys could get a feel for the whole contract since it is my very first.
Article 3 (Duties)

To teach regular class(es) and after-school class(es) of Economics and English language subjects.

To assist Korean teachers with English class(es), activities related to English education and other extracurricular activities within the place of employment;

To help or counsel students in regard to college entrance abroad: Writing Recommendation Letters or Personal Essay and Student Career Counseling, etc.

Perform other duties as designated by the Employer including various English programs during the school vacation period.

Article 7 (Work Hours)

The Employee shall work eight (8) hours per day for five (5) calendar days per week from Monday to Friday and shall not work on Saturdays, Sundays, Labor day (May 1st) and any national holidays of the Republic of Korea. However, temporary English programs run by the Employer (e.g., English camp) may occur outside the Work Hours specified in this clause and on weekends. In this case, the Employer shall pay according to Article 7, clause 3 4 and 5.

The Work Hours of the Employee may follow the normal work schedule of Korean teachers; however, such Work Hours may be adjusted by Employer as he/she deems appropriate within the bounds set forth in Article 7, Clause 1
Employee's class instruction hours shall not exceed twenty-two (22) hours per week. If, however, the Employee's actual weekly class instruction hours exceed twenty-two (22) hours due to supplementary class instruction, the Employee shall be entitled to a supplementary class instruction pay of 20,000 won per hour.

If the Employee agrees to teach instructional hours that occur outside the Work Hours specified in Article 7, clause 1, the Employee shall be entitled to either instruction pay determined by the school or supplementary overtime pay in accordance to the Labor Standards Act, of which the employer must choose the option that is more favorable to the Employee.

The Employer may require the Employee to work non-instructional overtime hours in addition to normal Work Hours. In this case, the Employee shall be entitled to supplementary overtime pay in accordance to the Labor Standards Act.
Article 8 (Salary)

The Employee shall be paid the amount set forth at the beginning of this Contract. However, the Korean income tax, residence tax, medical insurance premium, the national pension contribution, and any other tax or withholding mandated by the various levels of government shall be withheld each month from the Employee's salary.

The Employee's salary shall be paid on the 25th of the month. If the 25th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a national holiday, the salary shall be paid on the immediately preceding business day.

If the Employee has not worked all of the normal working days in a month, for whatever reason (such as sick leave, unpaid leave, etc.), the Employee's salary for that month shall be prorated for the corresponding number of days worked.

The Employee's income is taxed according to the Korean Tax Law (including the Income Tax Law). The tax liabilities of the Employee's salary for the year are finalized through the year-end tax settlement. In the case where the Employee retires during the year, his/her income tax is finalized for the salary received until the month of retirement.

Article 11 (Entrance Allowance/Exit Allowance)

Upon beginning the Term of Employment, the Employee shall receive a 1,300,000 Korean Won (KRW) Entrance Allowance. The Entrance Allowance is not offered to Employees who are renewing their contract. For the first six (6) months of the Term of Employment, the Entrance Allowance of 1,300,000 Korean Won (KRW) shall be considered a loan to support the Employee's entrance into Korea.

If the Employee successfully completes his/her duties set forth in this Contract for the full Term of Employment specified herein, the Employee shall be entitled to an Exit allowance of 1,300,000 Korean Won (KRW) of successful completion of the Term of Employment. However, if School provides a Letter of Release, the employee shall not receive an Exit Allowance.
Article 12 (Housing)

The Employer shall provide the Employee with a single housing chosen by the Employer (On-Campus Faculty House). Any and all utility bills incurred in using the housing shall be borne by the Employee. If the Employee wants to stay out of campus housing, the Employer will provide an option and the housing selected by the Employer may be a leased house, a studio-type room, an apartment, or other form of lodging deemed sufficient by the Employer. The Employer does not bear the responsibility for any charges or expenses incurred using the housing outside of the campus.

Once housing is decided, it shall not be subsequently changed during the Term of Employment. Any and all costs incurred by the Employee as a result of changing Housing during the Term of Employment shall be borne by the Employee.

Article 13 (Other Benefits)

The Employee shall be entitled to a one time only Settlement Allowance of 300,000 Korean Won (KRW), when he/she first begins the contract. This Settlement Allowance will not be granted in the case of a Contract Renewal.

On behalf of the Employee, the Employer shall provide 50% of the Employee's medical insurance premium (including the medical insurance premium for the Employee's dependents in the event the dependents of the Employee (spouse and/or children) live with him or her in Korea) pursuant to the National Medical Insurance Act of Korea.

Employees, with the exception of Canadians and Irish, shall be eligible for exemption from paying Korean income tax during the period of the first two years of employment in Korea if they provide the following documents to the Employer before the first payment of salary:

The Employer, on behalf of the Employee, shall provide half of the national pension plan deduction (approximately 4.5% of salary) pursuant to the National Pension Corporation Act of Korea. American, Canadian or Australian Employees are eligible for a pension distribution refund if they submit the required documents to the Korean National Pension Corporation when they leave Korea after the completion of their Contract.

The Employee shall be entitled to severance pay according to the Employee Retirement Benefit Security Act set out by the Ministry of Labor, upon successful completion of the final contract with the concerned Employer.
Article 14 (Paid Leave)

The Employee shall be entitled to a vacation period of a total of eighteen (18) working days during the Term of the Employment set forth under Article 5 hereof. If the Employee works in a school, the Employee shall have vacation up to nine (9) working days during the summer and winter recess respectively. If the requested vacation period interferes with smooth operation of the school curriculum, the Employer and the Employee shall negotiate an alternate vacation date(s).

The Employee shall apply for and obtain the Employer's consent to take any paid leave a minimum of fifteen (15) calendar days in advance of the requested date of leave. The Employee shall note the difference between school vacation and Paid Vacation days; the Employee is expected to fulfill normal working duties during the school vacation period unless the Employee has received prior approval for Paid Vacation or Unpaid Leave during the school vacation period.

During the school semester, the Employer may allow the Employee to not come to work on the day(s) when the school is closed for in-semester school holiday(s), school anniversary day(s), etc., and these days will not be considered part of the Paid Leave set forth in the forgoing clause 1.

Regardless of the number of days over which the Paid Leave falls, eight (8) accumulated hours of Paid Leave shall be counted as one day. This includes tardiness, early leave, other absences during the work day and/or half-days of Paid Leave. A total of less than eight (8) hours will not be counted.

Article 15 (Sick Leave)
The Employee shall be entitled to a paid Sick Leave in the case of any illness or injury which prevents the Employee from performing the duties herein only with the express consent of the Employer. The Employee shall notify the Employer of any absence due to sickness within one (1) hour of the beginning of the Employee's duties.

The Employee's paid Sick Leave during the Term of Employment shall not exceed eleven (11) working days. Regardless of whether the sick-leave days are consecutive or individual, the Employee shall not require a doctor's note for the first three (3) days of sick leave taken during the Term of Employment. However, a practicing doctor's medical report shall be required for any sick-leave periods taken above the three-day threshold, whether these days are consecutive or individual. The time period of the sick leave must not exceed the period advised by the physician's report. Letters from a physician must be submitted to the Employer on the first day that the Employee returns to the work place.

The Employee shall complete a 3 day orientation immediately before the commencement of the Term of Employment provided under Article 5 hereof. 2 The orientation period shall not be included in the Term of Employment as under Article 5. Thus, the Employee will not be entitled to any compensation.

Matters not explicitly stated in the Contract shall be determined by the Employer by taking the Employee's concerns into consideration.

The Employee hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Employer against any and all liability, claims, suits, losses, costs and legal fees caused by, arising out of or resulting from any negligent, intentional or illegal act of the Employee during the Term of Employment under this Contract.

I think that's it? Are there any other clauses you think I need to post?
Thank you!