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My English Center is looking for new native English teacher (to replace an outgoing teacher) starting September this year. The "official" description is below but as a teacher in the job I can add the following:

The office is relaxed - you will sit with 3 other NETs, a Korean manager, 2 Korean staff and everyone speaks English and is supportive of one another - no overbearing hierarchy and office politics. We are definitely busy as we teach different programs and it requires a fair amount of planning - but I rarely ever have to take work home. Also only older elementary, no little phonics kids. The official contract hours say 25 teaching hours per week; however, for me, it has typically fallen between 19 hours to 24 hours per week depending on the term and the programs we are running at the center that semester. We do teach a gifted program on Saturdays during most of the school year, which is another four class hours, but you're paid overtime for those separately from the contractual hours. Saturday classes are paid at the end of each semester. It's a bit difficult to determine the exact hours while looking at the schedule, because currently our Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are currently more about facilitating activities, working with other teachers at the same time (so you share roles), and teaching groups of 5-8 students in 5x20 minute sessions, but the contact time is calculated for each teacher and shown to us by the manager and administration prior to the semester beginning, in case we have any questions. Our current schedule is as follows: we teach a two-day English immersion program at the center on Mondays/Tuesdays and Thursdays/Fridays, we teach at a public elementary school every Wednesday during the school year (which typically involves 4 classes each Wednesday, and you teach at the same elementary school for the entire semester), twice a week we teach an after school program at either the English Center or at another local elementary school where we rent class space, and we teach a Saturday gifted students class which is usually held 3-4 Saturdays a month during the school year (with the exception of certain times of the year--as noted in the official write up). While working Saturday may not be ideal for some, they are the best students we have all week, so teaching those classes is very rewarding. You also receive 40,000 won per class for teaching Saturday lessons (4 classes per Saturday x 40,000 won per class = 160,000 won per Saturday). We also sometimes teach camps or extra gifted lessons during school break times. These things mostly depend on what the education office decides the schedule should look like each school year. So, it is possible--depending on the wants/needs of the education office--that are schedule can change a bit each new school year. That said, the workload and planning has seemed completely manageable (and, honestly, somewhat easy) to me compared to other jobs I've had in Korea.

The school is looking for someone with experience, and--of course--you should be comfortable teaching kids. You don't have to be a clown or entertainer; just a hard worker who is capable of fitting in with the team, doing your part, and is comfortable with planning/organizing so everything runs smoothly and you get your part done.

Location: Gyeongsan is a nice place, has all the conveniences you need, and its clean and more low-rise than Seoul. I'm in walking of Home Plus and eMart, as well as the Daegu metro (it stretches all the way out here - it's a 25 min trip to downtown). Getting to Dongdaegu Station takes me about 35 mins (bus+subway) and then its 1hr40m to get to Gangnam on the SRT. Convenient to visit places in the southern areas too. Overall, it's very livable - no complaints about location.

Official write up:

***You must be a native English speaker from one of the designated seven native English speaking countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Canada, or New Zealand.***
Location: Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Starting date: 2018-09-01
Teaching days: Mon-Fri (Sat-see description)
Student Level: Elementary/Middle
Working schedule: AM 08:30 ~ PM 04:30
Teaching hours: 25 Teaching Hours per week (50 mins/teaching hour)
Salary/Budget: 2,200,000 Won ~ 2,700,000 (Depending on experience)
Overtime pay: KRW 40,000 (Won/Hour)
Multiple Schools Allowance
1. 100,000 Korean Won (KRW) per month for two schools.
2. 150,000 Korean Won (KRW) per month for three or more schools.

Settlement Allowance: 300,000 Won
Accommodation (Housing): Provided
Medical & Pension/Severance/ Paid Vacation (18days)
Entrance Allowance: 1,300,000 Korean Won (KRW)
Exit Allowance: 1,300,000 Korean Won (KRW)
Renewal: 2,000,000 Won+ 5 Days Renewal Vacation
(The Employee shall not receive an Exit Allowance for the completion of the current Term of Employment nor shall the Employee receive an Entrance Allowance for the renewal Term of Employment.)
This is a Public English Education Center, affiliated with the Gyeongsan Office of Education. Teachers will help facilitate a two-day English Experience Program for public school students who visit our English center, they will co-teach and/or lead classes at outside public schools in Gyeongsan, and they will teach after school classes either at the center or at another Gyeongsan public school. Teachers will also work on Saturdays in a Gifted Education Program. Saturday classes are three to four times per month, March to November (excluding August), from 8:30am-12:30pm. Teachers will be paid 160,000 won for each Saturday worked.

The school is located near Imdang subway station (Green Line 2) and close to Yeungnam University. Transportation to Daegu is only 25 minutes by subway.

Send a resume and cover letter to:
All documents must be ready (police clearance within 6 months, apostilled degree, etc.)
Out of country possible, in country transferable visas preferred.