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First Time Teacher Contract Review!
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Hi! I'm a first-time teacher going through the process of reviewing a couple of contracts, and this is the one I'm most interested in pursuing, provided there's nothing too wacky in here that I might've missed. I have a list of questions I want to double-check with my recruiter (specifically regarding teaching hours), but I was hoping to get a couple pairs of experienced eyes on it as well.

Thanks so much!


1. INTRODUCTION: This is an agreement between an employee (hereinafter called “the
instructor” or the “teacher”) and an employer (hereinafter called the “institute” or the
“school”). The instructor agrees to teach students at the institute at the times
designated by the institute management and agrees to develop and present
educational programs for the students. The instructor agrees to follow and strictly
comply with the School's policies and guidelines during the period of this agreement.

(A) It is hereby agreed between the school and the instructor that the instructor shall
teach at the school for one year, starting from ____ (The starting
date of the contract is the teacher’s first teaching date at the school) and ending
on ____. If the instructor wishes to renew his/her contract at the end
of one year, he/she must inform the school two months prior to the end of one
year's service by letter, and the contract may, if both parties agree, be renewed
at that time for another year by mutual agreement.

(A) The teacher’s weekly teaching hours are at maximum 30 hours a week. Therefore
when the teacher has no classes, the teacher should do work for the: lesson planning
with co-teachers, essay revision , voice recording, student evaluations, syllabi,
English phone conversation, report cards, field trips, consultation with parents,
supervision of play, maintenance of the English environment during breaks,
workshops, staff meetings, and upgrading of one’s professional knowledge and
skills without additional pay. The work week will follow the yearly academic calendar
issued by the school
(B) The instructor's working hours (2:00 P.M. –10:00 P.M. (M-F) shall be determined
by the school's schedule. However, the teaching schedule can be changed according to
School’s schedule.
(C) The instructor is responsible for familiarizing him or herself with all institute
materials relevant to teaching at the school. The instructor shall faithfully teach and train
students at the School.

(A) The instructor's total monthly salary shall be 2.2 million won.
(B) If the instructor teaches, by mutual agreement between the instructor and employer,
additional teaching hours over and above 30 classes per week. Overtime
compensation at 20,000 won/hour shall be paid for those hours.
(C) The instructor's salary will be paid monthly on the regular day for payment of
instructor's salaries.
(D) On completion of one’s responsibilities to the full contract period, the severance
pay is 2.2million won equivalent to the monthly salary. It will be paid only at the
completion of the contract.
(E) The instructor shall have training before starting work.
The incoming teacher will be paid 30,000 Won a day during this training period.

(A) The Instructor hired outside of the country will be provided with a one way
economy class ticket from his/her chosen international airport to Korea or vice
versa. The airfare costs will be covered by the Institute.
(B) Completion of Terms of Employment and all duties within that period, Employer shall
provide the Employee one-way economy-class airfare from Seoul-Incheon or Gimpo
International Airport to the nearest International airport to Employee’s city of origin.
(C) In case the instructor fails to complete the contracted period by his or her own
fault/reason, the instructor shall pay back to the Institute the total amount of the air
ticket .

(A) The institute will provide a private single person accommodation or give the
teacher housing allowance equal to 0.4million won.
(B) The teacher's apartment furnishings shall include: basic cooking utensils such as
pots pans and dishes; a stove; a refrigerator; a bed with clean linen; TV, and Internet
as well as a heating system and air-conditioning
(C) Costs for all utilities, including lighting, heat, water and Internet shall be borne by
the teacher.

The teacher shall enjoy 5 days of paid winter vacation and 5 days of paid summer
vacation (in addition to all Korean national holidays and Saturdays and Sundays). If the
school manager ask the teacher to have classes during the winter vacation or summer
vacation, the teacher can make a decision whether he/she takes the classes or not. If the
teacher has classes during the winter vacation or summer vacation, the teacher will be
paid 25% of 1 month salary. Sick leave will not be paid. The teacher should provide the
institute with as much advance notice as possible. The teacher should submit doctor’s
prescription to the school for approving sick leaves.
Annually, there are 4 periods of midterm or final exams for middle school students.
Teachers who are teaching middle school students may take additional unpaid
vacation during the midterm and final exam period upon agreement between the
school and the teacher. This is in addition to the regular paid vacation.

8. INCOME TAX: Approximately 7.5% of the instructor's monthly salary shall be
deducted by the employer as withholding tax as provided by Korean law, which
include instructor’s share of insurance, pension and so on.

9. KOREAN HEALTH INSURANCE: The instructor will be covered by medical benefits
under the Korean Medical Insurance Union, a Government Health Organization. The
cost of this coverage will be borne half by the employer and half by the instructor.
The instructor's share of this coverage will be deducted from the instructor's monthly

10. KOREAN PENSION: half of the pension will be paid by the employee and the
other half will be paid by the employer. The instructor's share of this coverage will be
deducted from the instructor's monthly salary.

(a)The instructor shall not disclose any of the contents of this agreement, including
salary, to a third party (including other employees of the school).
(b)The instructor shall not disclose any information relating to the contents of lecturers
and business operation of the school without prior permission of the School. Violation
of this portion of the contract will result in the instructor is responsibility to be
responsible to compensate for the school for all possible losses suffered by the school.

(A) The instructor is required to conduct him/herself in a professional manner and
to wear neat attire while at the school. Casual clothing is unacceptable.
Only business wear or those in accordance with business wear will be
(B) Using the Internet or cell phone for personal use at school is not allowed
(C) The following forms of behavior will not be permitted.
a) Following scheduled class timetables and dismissing, canceling, or
starting classes late without prior approval from the institute director.
b) Conducting class while under the influence of alcohol, while smoking,
or under the influence of illegal drugs.
c) Making sexual advances towards, or engaging in to relationships with
students or employees of the school.
d) Arriving to the school late (teachers should arrive to the school 20
minutes before starting classes).
e) Attending classes without preparation and sitting down during
teaching hours.

(D) The institute has the right to terminate this contract if the instructor
violates the contract or fails to conduct him/herself in a professional
manner. A termination notice will be given to the instructor at least two weeks
in advance in such cases. In this case, the institute has no duty to give the
severance pay bonus and the return airfare to the instructor.
(E) If the employee wishes to voluntarily resign from employment before the
completion of this contract, the employee must provide written a notice to the
employer at least 8 weeks before the resignation.
(F) For a dismissal or voluntary resignation within 8 months of this Contract period,
the amount of all airfares (including trip costs to Japan in case the teacher came
to Korea by tourist visa) will be deducted from the employee’s last monthly
(G) The teacher cannot work for other schools or companies without the consent of
the school.

13. Both parties have carefully read this contract; they have agreed to its terms in good
faith; and they will attempt to resolve any disputes which may arise in accordance with
the terms of the contract, in a reasonable manner. All disputes which cannot be resolved
by the parties to this contract will be resolved through the legal system of Korea in
accordance with Korean law. Both parties duly agree on the contract stated above.

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Re: First Time Teacher Contract Review!
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maintenance of the English environment during breaks,

This is the deal breaker right there: U GOT TO CLEAN THE HAGWON.
tbh Ive never seen such a weird contract, they whine about everything.
Come teach in England, right now Polish teachers were giving English courses to my students at Trinity college. :cheesy:
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Fiat voluntas tua- What you want is allowed

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Re: First Time Teacher Contract Review!
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Specify teaching hour and one way flight, plus a clause saying you will be doing all kinds of work, marking, speaking to parents, etc and not just prepping for class?  I'd demand a bit more money.  Take off 100,000 won a month to put towards the flight home and it equals 2.1 million a month.  It's the same as 11 years ago.  But, you're also a newbie.  Ask for 2.4 since you are being asked for extra duties.  Be prepared to walk away or go teach in China instead.