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I am a new teacher and I have been given the job of giving a speaking test. I want to know if anyone else ever had to do one. How seriously did you take it and grade it? Are my teachers expecting some kids to do well and some to fail? Would it be weird if everyone got high grades? It's also hard because it's a speaking test. There's no wrong answer unless it's completely unrelated to the question. Can you guys give me some testing scenarios and how many points you would take off? ex: (pauses a lot, one-word answers). Were you strict or did you just give everyone A's? lol.

Thre grading guideline I was given is
Fluency 30
Accuracy 30
Content 40

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Re: Experience with a speaking test (or any test) ? Middle School
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Hiruuu mikey teachaaaaa!

What you are looking for is called a conversation rubric. Google it or check my examples.  :smiley:
Baiiiiiii !  Good luck with your classes mate!

Actually the attachment is quite good I might even use it myself ! ;D
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Re: Experience with a speaking test (or any test) ? Middle School
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There are several threads that may help you (if you go past all the job posting threads in a search):

These ones all have some really good advice and even some sample questions in the threads. Check them out.
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