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Lesson 2 - Woes of the Tech-Savy
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:45:56 pm »
Here is a lesson that I built upon from a previous post.

I don't teach using the text book, but I wanted to do an activity that related to what the students had recently learned with their homeroom teacher. The lesson focuses on technology and the negative effects that it can have on us.
I started the powerpoint by reviewing some of the terms that they learned during the previous lesson. I then introduced them to new terms such as:

"The positives about this technology are that..."

"This technology’s key features is/are..."

We then move on to an example (3D printing) which shows them how these terms are used.

I then present the students with 9 examples of future gadgets. In groups, they then create a poster of the gadget of their choice and use both the new and old expressions to express their opinions about the new technology.

Worked really well with my grade 2 students.

Feel free to download and make any changes to suit your class.

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Re: Lesson 2 - Woes of the Tech-Savy
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Re: Lesson 2 - Woes of the Tech-Savy
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Thank you. 8)

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