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Middle School-Haman Grade 1 YBM book 2017/18
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:15:38 am »
Hi! Sorry very new to teaching in Korea. This website has been very helpful but I was looking for text-book based lessons for the YBM book assuming it's the 2017//2018 edition. It has a red and blue cover with pictures of the British guard and Big Ben.

Lesson Plans are:

Lesson 1: New School, New Friends
Lesson 2: I Love My Family
Lesson 3: Different Places, Different Food
Lesson 4: A Story of Wisdom
Lesson 5: We are a Team
Lesson 6: Save Energy, Save the Earth
Lesson 7: My Future Dream
Lesson 8: Science All Around
Lesson 9: A Walk into History
Special Lesson: Do You Want to Enjoy Art More?

Any guidance would be  much appreciated!

Thank You!