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Or is that against the whole subscriber thing?

Or is that against the whole subscriber thing?

Some people have done it, not sure if the mods clean those posts up.
You could also check out *another website* if you're looking for powerpoints. That's were a lot of the creators went when overnight, the mods started charging for our content without asking.

MOD NOTE: Please don't defy TOS by naming other sites on this website. You may PM the OP a recommendation to another site, but please, respect the site.
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The subscription was implemented to subsidize the server costs, so I can't imagine that anybody would be offended if you use googledrive or whatever to post your powerpoint links etc.

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While I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, I don't believe we are allowed to stop you from doing that. I haven't heard anything from the Site admin that says users can't post googledrive or dropbox or any other site links to where said user is hosting the information themself.

The paid subscription is to allow access to files that are being hosted on this website, and to support the Site admin in the server work he does.
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Teach this to your students... they'll thank you for it later! user eujunseo, it is clearly permitted to use third-party file sharing service links.

From the Forum Policies, Rules, and Terms of service, updated on website by administrator Arsalan on September 17, 2017:

Lesson Plans, Games & Templates
- All posted lesson content, games and templates must either be uploaded directly to the site or linked via a third-party file sharing service such as Google Drive, etc.

Forum Policies, Rules and Terms of Service
Thank you for participating at The purpose of this forum is to provide a space for ESL/EFL teachers in South Korea to connect and discuss common topics, news and events, in a respectful, civil and mature manner. The following rules and guidelines serve as the manner that users are expected to follow. Your participation in the forum constitutes your acceptance of our rules, terms and conditions herein.
Unacceptable Behaviour
- Harassment, personal attacks and name calling
- Questioning a moderator's actions, publicly or privately
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- Trolling (posting with the deliberate intent to antagonize others)
- Spamming (unsolicited links or mentions of products or other persons)
- Circumventing the moderation team, or playing staff members against each other
- Retaliation and baiting is prohibited. (Please report the offending content instead; staff will deal with it promptly.)
Unacceptable Post Content and Topics
- Obscenity, nudity and pornography
- Illegal trading, selling or downloading of copyrighted material
- Racial slurs
- Criticising or questioning staff or moderator activity
- Personal information (email, street address, phone number, etc.) of any individual, either a forum member or a person outside the forum
- Libel, slander, and attacking individuals both inside and outside of the forum; this includes schools, recruiters and ministry officials

Other Forum Rules
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- Posts made to the Korean Newsroom forum must be titled with the headline of the article that is being linked
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Lesson Plans, Games & Templates
- All posted lesson content, games and templates must either be uploaded directly to the site or linked via a third-party file sharing service such as Google Drive, etc.
No links to personal blogs or sites are allowed
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- These guidelines and policies are regularly updated without notice. Please review them for updates regularly. If you have any questions about these guidelines, feel free to contact us for clarification.
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Sorry for slight detour from original topic, but very relevant to the current discussion:

I hoped for some clarification on this note from a moderator about this reference.
MOD NOTE: Please don't defy TOS by naming other sites on this website. You may PM the OP a recommendation to another site, but please, respect the site.
Last Edit: Today at 12:11:35 PM by nzer-in-gyeongnam moderator nzer-in-gyeongnam kindly asks user tommyb.goode not to 'defy TOS by naming other sites on this website," but after reading through the most recently updated terms of use (posted above for quick reference), I couldn't find this specific rule. The closest I could find was:

Lesson Plans, Games & Templates
- All posted lesson content, games and templates must either be uploaded directly to the site or linked via a third-party file sharing service such as Google Drive, etc. No links to personal blogs or sites are allowed

But that specifically forbids only links, and also personal sites or blogs, not community sites or blogs.

If someone could point out where the mentioning of other websites is in the Forum Policies, Rules and Terms of Service, it may help other users avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Thank you!

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Wow, thanks everyone for such detailed answers!