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Diary of a Wimp Kid Rodrick Rules (Book 2) Camp
« on: April 04, 2018, 08:52:11 am »
Okay, Greg Heffley has made his way to Waygook. I did a Rodrick Rules (Book 2) Winter Camp for 15 days at my middle school. Unless you have really high-level 6th-grade students, this camp would be better for middle school. My kids watched the first movie during the school year to get them acquainted with the DoaWK series but most already knew about the books because it's popular in Korea. I have the complete Workbook (Novel Study Workbook) to go with it. I bought it from Reed Novel Studies so it is not a workbook I created. I have included a lesson plan for 15 days but the first day was orientation and only 30 minutes. I have included two different time schedules: one 4 hour class or 2-90 minute classes. You can go with the flow as you see fit because after the first 3 days I saw what my kids liked doing more and went in that direction. I ordered the Do-It-Yourself book from IPark, in which the students worked from them and LOVED working in them. In fact, we ended up working more in the Do-It-Yourself books than anything else. I ordered the Mad Libs book also from IPark. I had games (UNO, Scrabble, Monopoly, Jenga) for the kids to play during class but they wanted to play them during breaks instead of just during class time. I ordered the CD for them to listen along to after they read the required reading silently the first time each day. I have the Korean book for my lower-level students but they had to read both books though. I also downloaded the movie along with the Korean subtitles for them to watch. This camp covers Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing so it's really balanced. The kids had fun along with me (because of course I played the games with them and had no sympathy for them; my kids are cutthroat). I hope you really enjoy this camp if you choose to go with it. I'm going to do it again either for Summer or Winter. Have FUN!!!
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