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Summer Story Book Lesson
« on: June 21, 2007, 06:45:07 pm »
Ok, I am finally posting another lesson.  This one should be fun for you also, as it should allow for a minimal amount of talking while the kids are busy with the activity.  I've had some funny results too, feel free to share yours if you come across something interesting or comical.

The point of this lesson is to get the kids thinking about how to complete the following sentences:
"I will..."
"I enjoy..."
"I dislike..."
"I think..."

Give each student a blank sheet of paper (or printout copies of the prepared sheets to make it easy for them), and get them to section it off into four.  Each of these sections will be pages of a small booklet that will describe their summer plans, you can of course change the topic to what you want.  The first page starts with "This summer I will...", the second with "I enjoy...", the third with "I dislike...", and the last with "I think...".  Get them to cut the sections with scissors, so they can be stapled together before the end of class as everyone rushes in to give their work.  Ask them, or show them to draw a little picture under their sentences to depict what it is they mean.  It sounds simple, but it takes students the whole class to finish this... some students finish earlier than others, but then they end up having to correct their mistakes after presenting it to me.

I normally just use the white board to show an example of the big paper in four sections, and then at the side of that the four booklet pages with the starting points, empty lines for what they need to fill in, and a silly picture to get them going.

You'll need: a stapler, blank sheets of paper, or you can printout copies of the files I've attached.

---- NOTICE:
I've posted the attachments as PDFs, meaning you'll need acrobat reader to look at it.  It's freely available from
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