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Decent pay, questionable contract
« on: March 22, 2018, 02:56:46 pm »
Hello, I have some issues with this contract including no mention of pension even though I talked to them about it and the 3.3% tax rate which I know is a common tax rate for independent contractors. There are other things I don't like; having to eat with the kids and the private health care among other things. Any feedback would be nice.

a. The employer agrees to employ the teacher during the period stipulated herein.
b. The teacher agrees to accept the employment and will work in his/her full capacity for the school.


a. The total Agreement term is approximately one year, commencing from the teacher's date of arrival in Korea to their last teaching day of their twelfth full teaching session, according to the (school name) session calendar.
b. The teacher agrees to discontinue his/her residence in Korea under the Visa status arranged and sponsored by the employer within one day after the completion of this contract. This condition will not apply if this contract is terminated for any reason before completion, and the employer has no obligation to maintain the visa status for any period of time beyond the termination on date.
c.        .  . 2018 ~     .  .2019


a. The employer and teacher are equal individuals working together to provide quality English instruction under the terms stated in this contract.
b. The employer will honor the terms and conditions of employment for the teacher as stated within this contract.

c. The employer will guarantee the teacher a salary a salary of  2.4 million won per teaching session as remuneration for those classes taught by the teacher and for the proper preparation for said classes.
d. When the teacher leaves at any cause, the teacher is responsible handing over all the information and materials that the new teacher needs to teach his/her classes plus the last month's progress reports for all the classes. The employer will make sure that the teacher has completed this mission before he/she gives the teacher his/her last month salary plus the severance payment.


a. During the terms of this Agreement, the teacher must cooperate and comply with the instructions and disciplines of the school. Assisting the Supervisor he/she must carry out assignments as directed by the employer. The supervisor will be responsible for establishing and communicating the Standards of Performance as related to the duties stated in this contract.
b. The teacher must ensure that they have adequately prepared for all of their classes. The teacher is required to be available to their student at least thirty minutes prior to their first assigned class of the day. The teacher shall allocate at least sixty minutes of their scheduled break time for preparation of their classes.
c. At all times during the term of this contract, teachers must maintain a clean and neat appearance. While suits and ties are not mandatory, a professional appearance is desirable.
d. The teacher's work will include the following;

1. Teaching the English language (Target students ages : 5 to 15)
2. Development of educational programs and materials
3. Curriculum design and implementation
4. Indoor and outdoor classroom activities for/with students
5. Grading, evaluation, and assessment of students
6. Providing students with individualized care
7. Attending teacher's meeting and workshops (workshop will be held once a month on Saturdays. It     can be just a half a day or a full day.)
8. Attending kindergarten field trips (once or twice per month), graduation ceremonies and teaching demonstrations (approximately twice per year)
9. At least 2 hours of preparation time everyday.
10. Make flash cards to help kids understand better.


a. During the term of this Agreement, the teacher should work in cooperation with the supervisor from Monday through Friday.
b. The teacher will be required to attend some special events throughout the year (Workshops, graduation ceremonies, etc.) and these events may fall on Saturdays. The teacher will not receive additional compensation for these days.
c. For the teacher's base monthly salary he/she agrees to teach up to 110 teaching hours per Wonderland session (approximately 20 working days - see  (school name)  calendar) and to adequately prepare for his/her classes. The said teaching workload is equal to 165 forty minute classes per session (Kindergarten classes that are 90 minutes long will count as 2 forty minute classes, while all other 40 minutes classes will count as one. Kindergarten activity classes are 50 minutes long and it will count as 1 class.)
d. The teacher is required to serve lunch and have lunch with their kindergarten class. The employer will consider this as a class and guarantee to pay the teacher. (It will be 50 minutes long and will count as 1 forty minute class)
e. The teacher may be required to teach some overtime classes, i.e. teach more than 165 classes per session. In that event the employer will guarantee the teacher an overtime rate of your regular salary and hour.(20,000 won per hour)
f. It is a mandatory for the teacher to do bus duty. The teacher must take his or her kindergarten students and grade one students to the bus for safety reasons.


a. The employer agrees to pay the teacher salary of  2.4 million won for 110 teaching hours per session and for his/her adequate preparation for classes.
b. The payment of the salary is to be made on 15th of the following month.
c. Each forty minute class exceeding the 165 classes /session will be considered as overtime.
The overtime rate will be your regular salary an hour ( 20,000won per hour ).
Attendance at scheduled staff meetings, workshops field trips, etc. along with preparation for classes is mandatory and is not considered overtime.
d. The salary for assigned teaching hours is inclusive of preparation, and the teacher will have a scheduled block of planning time each day.
e. Lunch provided from Monday to Friday.


Income tax and retirement taxes will be withheld from the salary in accordance with the Korean tax law. (3.3%)


a. One way economy airfare is provided when teacher completes his/her full year contract period. Economy airfare is provided based upon from Incheon International Airport to the teacher's nearest airport .

b. If the teacher leaves the school before his/her contract period ends for any reasons, the school will not pay for return airfare, and also  If the teacher leaves the school before completing six(6) months period of the contract term, the teacher must reimburse the employer the cost of the ticket to Korea.


a. Upon arrival in Korea, the teacher will be guaranteed 1-5 days for an orientation period, before being expected to begin his/her regular teaching work.
b. The teacher will not be on the payroll until his/her regular teaching day begins.


a. The teacher will be covered by medical insurance under the Korean Medical Insurance Union, a private health organization.
b. On half of the insurance premium will be paid by the Employer and the other half by the Teacher. (For reference, the current insurance premium rate is 3.0% of the monthly salary) Teachers should be aware that medical coverage does not become effective until you have an E-2 working visa and have been issued an alien registration card from immigration in Korea.


The teacher will be allowed time off for national holidays and school vacations that are indicated in the (school name)  session calendar. (14 national holiday and about one week summer and one week winter, Winter vacation includes Christmas Holiday.)


a. The school will provide the teacher with a rent free, furnished, single apartment.
b. Furnishings being provided by the employer shall include; refrigerator, washing machine, bed, wardrobe, basic utensils, chairs, burner gas hot plate, pillow, bed sheets, and pots and pans.
c. Selection of the apartment will be made by the employer.
d. The cost of monthly service, utilities charges for the accommodations will be paid by the teacher.
e. During the first three months of the teacher's employment the Employer will withhold a deposit of 200,000 won/month so that the employer can pay off any utilities charges received by the teacher after the termination of the contract.
f. Any balance due the teacher after all bills have been paid will be transferred to the teacher within two months of the contract's termination date.


Upon completion of this one-year contract, the teacher will receive one additional basic salary of        2 .4 _million won as a severance payment in accordance with Korean Labor Law. This payment will be made at the time of completion of the contract period and income tax will be withheld from this payment.
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Re: Decent pay, questionable contract
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Thanks for your feedback!

Re: Decent pay, questionable contract
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God no. The pay is good for even a normal 2-10/9-6 hagwon job. It's absolutely horrendous given the working hours of the contract. I saw the working hours, and literally just started laughing. They basically expect you to be available to students at least 9 hours a day. But since prep time and lunch and all of that may or may not be counted as "classes", it sounds like you're expected to be at school for closer to 10+ hours a day.

TL;DR, you'll probably be dead in a month at this school. I would take a hard pass.

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Re: Decent pay, questionable contract
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8 classes a day and Saturdays?  One way airfare only when going home?  I'd be asking for 2.8 to 3.0 to put up with that.  Otherwise, walk away.

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Re: Decent pay, questionable contract
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Whoops apparently OP left in the name of the hackwon.  W......l..... 

I can tell you right now from seeing other blacklist reports that you need to run for the hills.  This place has a bad reputation.  Never worked for them but read enough reviews from others (plus it's a franchise so they have several locations.) this place is a nightmare.  Damn I can't believe they are still in business  :shocked:

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Re: Decent pay, questionable contract
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Whoops apparently OP left in the name of the hackwon.  W......l..... 

I can tell you right now from seeing other blacklist reports that you need to run for the hills.  This place has a bad reputation.  Never worked for them but read enough reviews from others (plus it's a franchise so they have several locations.) this place is a nightmare.   :shocked:

Oh Alice in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

Slavery and human trafficking is alive and well.

I can't believe they are still in business

The govt hasn't done enough to punish these places.
Catch my drift?