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Another Hagwon Contract
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I have few issues with this contract and wanted to get some opinions.

1.1. This agreement will start March 23 rd , 2018 and end March 22 nd , 2019 Employee should arrive 3-5
days prior to the start date to undergo orientation and training. Employer will provide temporary
accommodations during this period until the regular accommodation is ready.
1.2. The working visa issued by the exclusive agreement between the Employer and the Employee
becomes invalid right after termination of agreement.
Employee’s full name (print):
Employee’s signature:

Employer’s full name (print):
Employer’s signature:

1.3. This agreement may be renewed by mutual consent two months prior to its expiration. Without
new agreement between the Employer and the Employee two months before the expiration, the
Employee shall be automatically dismissed from employment when the contract expires.
1.4. If the Employee wishes to terminate the employment contract prior to the agreed date of
expiration due to his/her personal reasons which are not accepted by the Employer, he/she has
to pay a fine of the equivalent of the one way airfare which the Employer has provided as
compensation for the inconvenience which early termination causes both the students and the
1.5. Prior to such early termination, the Employee should give a 60 day notice in written to the

Teaching days will be Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 6:30pm with the exception of Graduation Ceremony,
Graduation Trip, workshop, and training that may be outside the normal teaching days.
3.1. During the term of this agreement, the Employee will accept, obey and comply with the
instructions, supervision, training and discipline of the Employer of the Language Institute. These
duties will include but not limited to instruction for regular classes, administrative duties related to
the Employee’s classes, class preparations, student placement testing, student evaluations,
attendance at scheduled instructors’ meetings, and workshops and extracurricular duties (Lunch-
time table classes, Field trip etc.) as may be assigned by the Employer. The Employer is to set
standards of performance for the Employee and is empowered to take reasonable steps
necessary for assuring that those standards are met.
3.2. The Employee must not cancel classes arbitrarily. If cancellation of classes is unavoidable, the
Employee must consult with the Employer in advance. In case of sickness, unexpected
accidents, and bereavement, the Employee has to take steps stated in 4.2 and 4.3 of this
3.3. The Employee is not allowed to work for any other organization during the term of employment.
3.4. At all times during the term of this agreement, the Employee is to perform his/her work according
to the curriculum and the teaching methods that have been established by the Employer.
3.5. The Employee understands and agrees that at all times during the term of this agreement; the
Employee is to follow all the provisions of laws and regulations of the Government of Korea and
any local government authorities thereof.
3.6. During the first 2 months of employment, all first-year employees will be required to arrive at by
9:20am and prepare for lessons at least 2 hours per day. All employees will be required to
prepare at least 1 hour per day.
3.7. Shortly after arrival in Korea, Employee will be required to undertake orientation and training
before commencing teaching. The period of training and orientation will usually be 2-3 days.
3.8. All Employees are to be punctual and arrive at school by 9:30. If an Employee is late 3 times, it
will count as a day absence and the pay will be deducted accordingly.
4.1. Salary
The Employee will be paid the total of 2.2 mil Korea won per month less Korean income tax and
other deductions (see 4.7) as required under Korean law. The Employee’s salary will be paid on the
10th of the each month. If this day falls on a national holiday, Saturday, or Sunday, the salary will be
paid on the next business day. However, in the last month of the contract term, the monthly salary is
to be paid on the last business day of the month or the 10 th of the next month, which is the regular
payment day.
Severance Payment
On the condition that this contract is completely satisfied and that employment lasts for one year, a
special allowance of a month salary will be paid to the Employee by the Employer. The severance
payment which is also subject to Korean income, resident, and other taxes will be paid one month
after the completion of the contract.

Overtime Payment
Work exceeding the required amount as described in 3.2 will be considered overtime. Overtime pay
will be calculated on an hourly basis and will be paid \18,000.
4.2. Sick Leave
Provided that the Employee submits medical certification (limited to serious illness or hospitalization)
from the hospital designated by the Employer, the Employee is allowed a maximum of 5 unpaid sick
days per year.
4.3. Bereavement Leave
If any of the employee’s immediate family dies during the term of the contract, the Employee may
request a 5 days of Bereavement Leave to attend the funeral.

4.4. Housing
The Employee will be provided with furnished housing by the employer. All fees, charges, costs,
taxes, expenses, general maintenance fee, etc. incurred in using the housing will be borne by the
employee. In case the Employee would not like housing provided, he/she may request a monthly
allowance of 300,000 won instead.
4.5. Airfare
The Employer will provide a one-way ticket to the employee at the beginning or end of their
4.6.Holidays and Vacations
Holidays and vacations are assigned according to the school calendar.
The Employee is entitled to 10 days vacation (5 in the summer and 5 in the winter) during school’s
summer and winter break. Before making any vacation plans, the employee must consult the school’s
vacation schedule first.
4.7. Medical Insurance and Pension
The Employee is to be covered by the medical insurance law. 50% of the insurance premium and
pension will be paid by deduction from the Employee’s salary.
4.8 Bonus/Stipend
The Employer may, at its sole discretion, provide the Employee with bonuses, stipends or other
additional remuneration; provided, however, that such bonuses, stipends or other additional
remuneration shall neither be expected nor required by either party.

5.1. The Employer has the right to dismiss the Employee for negligence of duties, misconduct, or
unwillingness or inability to meet conditions of employment as set forth in this agreement. Prior to
such dismissal, the Employee will be given 30 days notice. However, illegal activities or other
misconduct which has jeopardized any students or staff members of the Employer, or which
damages the reputation of the Employer, will be the cause for immediate dismissal without
warning or time for remedy.
5.2. The Employer has the right to dismiss the Employee for providing false information in related
application documents.
5.3. In addition to the above two reasons, if the employer decides that there is any reason to dismiss
the employee, the employer can dismiss the employee without 30 days notice.
The Employee guarantees that all facts provided by him/her in the Employee’s resume, diplomas,
certificates, or any other documents are true and correct.

The Employer shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the misconduct or negligence of
the Employee.
This agreement was drawn up and will be executed in the Korean language, and the Korean version
of this agreement will govern and prevail over translations thereof. This agreement will be interpreted
according to the internal (domestic) laws of the Republic of Korea. The court of the Republic of Korea
will have jurisdiction in regard to any disputes or claims arising out of, or in connection with this
The undersigned agree to observe the terms stated above. In case the above terms are violated, the
contract may be dissolved.