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space adventure
« on: September 18, 2016, 08:45:52 pm »

This is the biggest game I've made thus far - 2 GB.  It also features many long clips, which is why I highly recommend anyone to use this only during summer/winter camps, since this is far from being an efficient use of your class time. 

It is much smaller in scope than what I originally had in mind.  You can take a look at the last slide to see the original map.  I was going to use a bunch of other films - stargate, star trek, battleship galactica, Riddick, Dune, Event Horizon, etc, etc -    I was also going to use question templates specific to each storyline. 
At some point I realized that the game was becoming too big (There are around 30 questions in it right now), and making it was taking too long.  Furthermore, I very seldom use bomb games these days - editing them takes too long, especially when compared to my other games (I have used the 'pirates' game many more times than the 'xmen' game - students liked both, but I have no time to edit the 'xmen' game questions).  In fact, this is the last bomb game project - in the future I'll be making more games like 'pirates' and other, non-cinematic games. 

So - a bit more about this game.  Like the 'x-men' game, it's interactive (even more so, actually).  Unlike the 'x-men' game, or any other game, for that matter, this game is very story driven.  As such, there is quite a bit of text, at least when compared to any other game.  I have decided not to simplify the story text - which makes translation for this game rather imperative and... it hasn't been translated yet, and given just how much text there is in this game.... I'm not sure if I can find a Korean co-teacher willing to put in the work...  we'll see what happens. 

Aside from that, the clips used in this game are from Aliens, Abyss, Contact, Avatar and Interstellar.  The game's content is suitable only for elementary school seniors and above.

Next game I'll be making is going to be a bit less age-restrictive, even if a bit more frightening.  Halloween is on the horizon.


PS.  Translated version of this game will be uploaded at some point... hopefully.

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Re: space adventure
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2016, 08:37:04 am »
Wow, that is a large file, and I thought mine got big! (My largest file is around 70MB due to all the sound effects.) The video embeds look good, gives it a different feel than just another powerpoint game. I might have to try adding video clips like this. Well done!

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Re: space adventure
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2016, 08:44:59 pm »
Thanks.  But yeah - 2gb is an overkill.  And if I were to go through with my original plan, this game would have taken 6 gigs. 

Thankfully, I realized the folly of my ways just in time and can now focus on making other, smaller and more time-efficient games. 

I don't regret making this game - this was my attempt at making a real story-driven game and I think I've succeeded at that, but once again - editing question slides with this, and any other bomb game, takes too much time.  Also, story driven games are awesome during the first playthrough, but the motivation is lost during the second and third replays, which means that this game's replay value is dismal at best.

The pirates game I made is an entirely different story - students loved it more than any other grid game; it's smaller (700mb); it's very easy to edit and a lot easier to make (while being equally cinematic, though the story element is lost in the process).  I'll be sure to make at least a few more of those in the next few months.

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Re: space adventure
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is this game still available? I clicked on the link and it said "Not Found"

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Re: space adventure
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is this game still available? I clicked on the link and it said "Not Found"

yeah its down looked good, ,still 2gb is a lot to give up for a long time