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E-2 teaching visa for Indians
« on: March 06, 2018, 10:36:57 pm »
Hi, I am an Indian with a F-3 visa living in seoul along with my husband. I want to take up a teaching job in a hakwon but i don't have a degree in literature rather my degree is on business management nor  do i have a teaching license in my home country. But i do have some experience as a personal tutor in united kingdom for about 8 months. I lived in UK for almost an year just before i moved to korea. What are my chances of getting a teaching job? I am good at teaching english also have public speaking experience with toastmasters club. I also have a good IELTS score. Please give your suggestions and ideas on how to get a teaching job here in korea.

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Re: E-2 teaching visa for Indians
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E-2 visas are generally reserved for teaching one's own native language (yes, I know English is an official language in India but it's hard to convince immigration of that). If you want to teach English they generally want us to be from the U.K. & Northern Ireland, Canada, U.S.A., South Africa, New Zealand, or Australia. But I have met Filipinos who are able to teach in Hagwons--usually, they are certified in TEFL/TESOL (or that was their major in university), and others are licensed to teach in the Philippines altogether in public school. I suggest looking into taking a TEFL course (it should have an in-class component if you do it online) as many places will consider that. Alternatively, if you find a hagwon that offers Hindi lessons, you could apply for that kind of job as well and they'll probably ask you to teach some (business) English classes alongside the Hindi lessons.

However, if you have a Masters degree along with a high IELTS score, it might be better to apply for an E-1 visa (reserved for professors and researchers) and find a university position in your field.