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Korean Undergrad getting into grad school
« on: March 02, 2018, 08:36:17 pm »
What is the best advice for someone who has an undergraduate degree in engineering from a Korean University is married to a British-Canadian, and wants to do graduate school in Canada or Britain. Is there a way in depending on grades etc.?

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Re: Korean Undergrad getting into grad school
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You will need to have an equivalency assessment made for your Korean degree.  You will also need to write a comprehensive English exam to ensure your English is good enough to follow the graduate level classes being taught.

Not all degrees are given the same weight...  Your grades will be measured and unless you are a Canadian or British resident, you will be paying far higher tuition if you are accepted. 

PLEASE realize that if you enter a Canadian or British grad program, paying tuition does not entitle you to your degree.  You will need to do the work & you will be failed if you do not.  There are no points given for excuses or promises to 'do your best' next time.  You will either meet the standard or you will not.  There is no quarter given for those who do not do the work.  If you decide to cheat, copy or plagiarize your work,  you will face expulsion from the program.  You will be required to sign plagiarism forms for every class and during every test.  It is not like here, it is taken VERY seriously. 

The level of academic standards & expectations of students in the two countries you mentioned are far higher & rigorous than they are here (which is essentially a diploma mill).
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Re: Korean Undergrad getting into grad school
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2018, 10:55:40 pm »
Also, if you are looking at obtaining a Canadian P.Eng. registration at some point, you should work any missing requirements from your undergrad into your masterís program.

Re: Korean Undergrad getting into grad school
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I see this is all great advice. Any idea where is the best place to get started on equivalency assessment for the degree and the price of that?