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Grades 3-5 combined English camp, help!!
« on: February 01, 2018, 10:37:17 am »
So, my co-teacher decided because there are so few students at our English camp this year, to combined the Grades 3-5 together. I think it is doable, but the only issue is during the Phonics time. The Phonics time slot was designed for  the Grade 3s to help them work on letters/sound they struggle with. I voiced this concern to my co-teacher but she thinks it will be fine, and they can do it with the Grade 3s. I think the Grade 5s will be bored out of their mind, and the lessons are geared towards Grade 3s, which is I guess more... kiddish? Also, they are for the most part, my higher-level students in the Grade 5 classes. Any ideas what I should do with them?