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May 2018/Pyeongtaek/Songtan Area/ 2.1 Mil/Housing
« on: January 22, 2018, 09:59:28 am »
I'm looking for an experienced (or very motivated beginner) teacher to take over my teaching job in May 2018. I'm the current head teacher at a Hagwon in the Pyeongtaek/Songtan area. This particular position is not for head teacher, but I do want to find my school an good teacher that has potential for a future head teacher position. We're looking for someone that can start training the week of May 7th-11th and officially start May 14th. My school puts its trust completely in the foreign teacher's preparations. The classes are taught completely by foreign teachers (no co teachers). With the help of given textbook, you'll be in charge of creating lesson plans weekly and flashcards/activities daily. I'm looking for someone who has great time management skills.

This position is for both Kindergarten and Elementary (6-14 years old Korean age)
Kindergarten: 9:30-2:00pm (with prep time in between)
Elementary: 2:30pm-6:05pm (with prep time in between)

Prep time (you just stay in the office-no class) for elementary is 2:00pm-2:30 pm/4:25-5:05pm
Prep time for Kindy depends on the day of the week, but every day you'll get 1 class of prep time (You'll only teach 4 kindy classes a day)

Here is the schedule below:


9:30-10am- 1st period I(Tuesday/Friday prep)
10:10-10:50am 2nd period
11:00-11:40am 3rd period (Wednesday/Thursday prep)
11:50-12:30pm 4th period (Monday prep)
12:30-1:20pm- lunch time
1:20-2:00pm- 5th period


2:30-3:25pm A time (Usually younger elementary students 8-10 years old)
3:30-4:25 B time (Elementary usually 9-12 years old)
5:05-6:05pm C time (Elementary usually 10-13 years old)

If you have any more questions about this position, let me know through email! (
I'm happy to answer them any time!

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Re: May 2018/Pyeongtaek/Songtan Area/ 2.1 Mil/Housing
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That works out at around w 10,000 per lesson. Even for a first time teacher that is low. Teaching that schedule 5 days a week would be exhausting after a few weeks.