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Winter Olympics Camp (2017)
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Hi all!!

I have made all my camp materials on the theme of Winter Olympics. Material is for 3 days, and 3 periods each day, but can easily be extended with more games and activities.
Tentative Schedule
I have made 3 powerpoints for each day, a book, and an "Olympic Passpport" for students to keep track of their medals.

This is what I have for one of my schools. In the Olympic Passport, I also have the issuing date as our camp starting date. You can edit the files in the ppt format.

Olympic Passport: PPT / PDF
Book: PPT / PDF

Day 1 Period 1
After a simple ice breaker, I will introduce the camp theme, tell students how to use the Olympic Passports, go over the day's schedule.
Opening ceremony: learn about when and where is the Olympics, the Olympic flag, the continents and some countries.
Make your Countries: assign students in teams and let them make their country names and make their own flags
Day 1 Period 2
Where is Pyeongchang? (team): Under time constraints, one member of the team is blindfolded while the other teammates direct him/her to put a magnet on the map of Korea as close to Pyeongchang as possible. The closest team wins.
4 Countries (individual): just good old 4 corners game with country names.
Day 1 Period 3
Torch Relay (team): In teams, walk the torch down the hallway and back and pass to the next person. If the tennis ball falls, the person has to start over. The team with the fastest time wins.
Review of today and medal count
Day 1 PPT

Day 2 Period 1
Welcome, go over the day's schedule
Paper snowflakes (craft)
Winter Sports: talk briefly about the 15 sports in the Winter Olympics
Day 2 Period 2
(finish up talking about the winter sports if needed)
Top 5 (individual)
Jeopardy (team)
Day 2 Period 3
Snow Fight (individual): This sounds complicated but really isn't. It's a game I made similar to Battleship and Battle Ninja. students hide snowmen on their Snow Board (the students can draw their snowmen or I am hoping to print them as stickers; I'm doing 1 3-squares, 2 2-sqyares, 3 1-squares, so 6 snowmen with varying size). After they finish, I am going to draw out cards for two words from horizontal and vertical to make a hit (eg. Curling, South Korea). If for advanced students, you can have students rotate and call them out as well. When students have no surviving snowmen, they put their head down. The last 2-5 surviving students take turns in calling their own hits until only 1 student survives.
Review of today and medal count
Day 2 PPT

Day 3 Period 1
Welcome, go over the day's schedule
Hockey 101: introduce hockey basics (NHL, team formation, rules, equipment)
Hockey (team): Students play charades in 1 minute to earn pucks in their teams. Teams take turn shooting the pucks. The team with most goals win.
Day 3 Period 2
Candle Making: we are buying candle kits and I hope it takes up a whole period because I have no idea what those kits are like.
For my other school, I am doing a marshmallow snowman making activity. For this, we are buying marshmallows, toothpicks, chocolates, and extra candies if possible.
Day 3 Period 3
Boggle (team): find as many words as possible
Review of today and medal count
Award ceremony
Day 3 PPT

Happy Teaching!!

(P.S actually posted by the girlfriend accidentally V)
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Re: Winter Olympics Camp (2017)
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Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.  ;D

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Re: Winter Olympics Camp (2017)
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Jiwon is bae <3

Re: Winter Olympics Camp (2017)
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This looks great, thanks for your hard work!

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Re: Winter Olympics Camp (2017)
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Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Anything I have I'll add to this post :)

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Re: Winter Olympics Camp (2017)
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I made a quiz related to the 2018 winter Olympics.

Play in teams. Some questions are multiple choice, some queations students just have to write the answer.
There are 5 categories. I struggled to make up questions to fit each category. So the category themes are loosely as follows:
A - General (info about the Olympics)
B - Sports
C - the Olympic torch
D- Teams / participants
E - Other
Teams can choose a category and number. Every team answers, if they are correct the get points.
1 = easy question (1 point), 5 = difficult question (5 points).

C1 is related to the city I teach in, so maybe change it to where ever you teach.
C3 my students had no idea, so I gave them a hint (There is an airport in this city)
E5 is related to my favorite winter sport. Change the name & answer to match yours.
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