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    • November 09, 2017, 02:53:40 pm
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an alternative for some songs of the old Jolly Phonics?
« on: November 10, 2017, 02:17:20 pm »
Hi there! So I'm teaching kindergarten (4 years old) in Thailand, and I've been using jolly phonics (with the song) for letters A-D. I actually changed letter C cause I think there is no way the kids understand/relate to a castagnet...

They absolutely love the song for A and B and you can tell the reason. Its amazing.

Now when it comes to letter E-G... specially G, has anyone came up with sth else? There is no way a 4 year old Thai kid with almost no English comprehension can understand what happens to the floating fish in the song for F, they don't get too interested in an egg and a pan, not to mention letter G...

I love the idea of the little songs and the phoneme practice, so anyone has taken songs from another source? I've been looking in youtube, Im not looking for those songs that say "F is for.. fish! it makes the F sound" but sth like the jolly phonics.

I've been recenlty suggested the "Animated Literacy" and I'll take some ideas from them! But just in case I'll like to see if there is something else.

This is my song for letter C (it doesnt work as good ad letters A and B but they do move their hands and repeat the sound)

"It's a crab cutting cookies, C C C"

(hell yeah, it is in fact a crab cutting cookies!! I thought they would relate more to it than the castagnets)

Thanks a lot!

Re: an alternative for some songs of the old Jolly Phonics?
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2017, 02:53:27 pm »
I use the Jolly Phonics style chant here in Korea and I have changed the words for several of the letters (can't really remember which ones I changed so here are all of them). 

For actions I was challenged a few years ago about using the Jolly phonics actions.  Someone (on waygook I seem to recall) wondered why we were teaching a new sign language - why not use a recognized sign language eg ASL (American Sign Language).  I have found some sites that show the signs for some of the words on here and now I try to use some of them (hard to break old habits though and some of them aren't very clear to the students so I don't use them).

Ants on the apple
Bat and ball
Cats are coming
Down dogs down
Five fat fish
Go girls go
Hop, hop huff, huff
An ill insect
Jiggling jelly
Kicking k kicking
Licking lemon lollipops
Mom's made a meal
Nasty noisy airplane
On, off, on, off
Pink party pig
Quack, quack, quiet, quiet
Rover is ripping
Snakes are hissing
Ten tennis balls
Up, up umbrella
Driving in my van
Wet and windy
X-ray foxes
Yummy,  yummy yogurt
Zebras in the zoo

Here is my power point if that is any use.

All the best

Re: an alternative for some songs of the old Jolly Phonics?
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2017, 11:53:11 am »
I like to use" Superstar Level 1 Phonics" on Youtube. They have A-F, G-L etc. They are 1 min. long, which is helpful for quick review. I also like to use "Fun and Fast Short vowel phonics song" for learning vowels. I use this with my 3rd graders, but I think younger kids would do fine with it.

I usually review the sounds with the kids first using a PPT (A says "ah" apple. etc.) then play the phonics song. That way, they already know the words to the song. They love that it gets faster and faster.

Re: an alternative for some songs of the old Jolly Phonics?
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2017, 01:40:49 pm »
Thanks magicshoemonkey
I've just been listening to the Super Star Levels.  They seem a little fast but they are short so it is easy to do them again and good as a review.  I want to do something with phonics during winter camp and may well incorporate these.  Thanks.