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Have you ever considered teaching online?  Since I teach in both a public and online environment I thought that I would summarise my thoughts on the pros and cons of them.

Use this link to find out more details about this job:

There are a number of clear differences. However, the most significant would be that working online means that you have a location free lifestyle. As a matter of fact, itís possible to travel and teach at the same time! As long as youíve got a strong internet connection and organized everything with your online school then it really shouldnít be a problem to travel at all. For example, Iíve taught the same student online in a number of countries including South Korea, China and Thailand. Not only was I able to be in an exciting place but it also inspired my students to talk more about the country or find out some more about a new place that perhaps they had never heard of before. Whereas if you teach in a school then that means itís impossible to travel at all. You are rooted to one place and you must remain in that location. However, the benefits of this is that you will be able to work with others and will avoid the possible trap of feeing isolated and alone.
Moreover, a subsequent contrast could be that if you are working in a classroom it means that you can get everybody working together and practicing the vocabulary out loud or working in pairs or groups. The key to a successful classroom is get student working together and on task. Unfortunately, this means that it is difficult for the tutor to manage the level. Iíve taught in schools where the teacher focused on teaching the high achievers while the students at lower levels often got left behind. On the other hand, if you work in small or even better one on one classroom it means that you can help the students no matter what level they are. As a result of this, the student will make significant progress and will feel much more confident. This is surely a great thing and thatís why I love teaching online!
In conclusion, I strongly believe that both enivronements have so much to offer students. While the online classroom promotes focus on the strengths and weaknesses of an individual but the public classroom provides a more general education. Although, I love teaching in both settingst I prefer the freedom that teaching online offers me. ps: as long as there is a strong internet connection but that's another story. :D

Here is a quick video that I put together to help illustrate my point further.

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Re: Teaching Chinese kids online in China vs working in a public school.
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Why does this post sound like an ad?  Like if he gets people to sign up he will get an extra bonus.....

Re: Teaching Chinese kids online in China vs working in a public school.
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I hope the recruitment subscription is being paid