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    • July 27, 2012, 07:00:42 pm
    • Seoul Uijeongbu

Any or All of the following classes, From Mon Oct 23~Fri Oct 27th &  M+T Oct 30 & 31 :

Monday 3:45~7:30 Gongdeok 2 wk/s  Oct 23 & 30th. (40/hr)

Tues 4:30~7:15
Gongdeok  2wk's Oct 24 & 31  (40/hr)

Wed : 2:15~4:30
Suyu (Uidong) Deokseong Women's Uni ~ 1 time Oct 25.  (35/hr.)

Thurs: 6~8pm Uijeongbu Yonghyun-dong,
 Yonghyun-dong, (Songsan station, Uijeongbu LRT
 1 time   Oct 26  (35/hr)

Fri:  4~7 Uijeongbu
 (Songsan station Uijeongbu LRT) 1 time
 Oct 27 (35/hr)

 If you are available for All (ideally) BUT Even a portion (specific day(s) of this schedule,    you are still welcome to apply.

* Any Visa status acceptable
* Please Do NOT apply UNLESS YOU ARE a citizen of 1 of : U.S.A, U.K,
   Canada, South Africa  ONLY ~ applicants from ANY OTHER countries Will NOT receive
    a reply ^^

* Cash payment or Bank Transfer on last day of the accepted teaching schedule.

Pls. reply by e-mail (link) or ~ OR
 by Text message to 010 2675 3589

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    • July 27, 2012, 07:00:42 pm
    • Seoul Uijeongbu
Hello teachers. We are a small but growing hagwon located in North-east Seoul area  (Nowon-gu, Junggye-dong)  currently seeking an experienced Native Speaker for Part-time.
  Classes will be on Thursday afternoon/evenings from 4:30 ~ 9pm  (ongoing, minimum 6~12 months, the longer the better)  AND  Wednesday evenings from 6 ~ 9pm (temporary for approx 3 months)

 Additional classes on other weekdays may be offered on additional days, in the near future, and can be taken
 at the teacher's discretion.  Details of the currently offered classes are as follows :

  Location : Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu,  Seoul 
  Schedule :  Thursdays late afternoon~evenings   4:30 ~ 9pm   (long-term/ongoing,  6~12 months preferred)
               *   +   Wednesday evenings  6 ~ 9pm  (temporary for approx  3 months)

Students : Small classes 4~6 students, Elem/Mid school only, no Kindy, no High School.

Visas :  We require F series visa holder  OR, current E2 visa holder with permission from current E2 sponsor  for additional emploment at secondary workplace.

Emploment Term :   Prefer 1 year standard employment  term for Thursdays,  Approx 3 months for Wednesday portion of the schedule.

Salary : KRW  33,300 / 60 minute class hour ~ Wednesdays 3 hours, Thursdays 4.5 hours   Total Monthly salary =   KRW 1,000,000.


    REQUIREMENTS : (please check  CAREFULLY  before applying)

 1. Experienced Native speaker with : USA,CANADA,UK,AUSTRALIA,NZ   citizenship  ONLY !

 2. 4 year University degree holder (English related degree is a bonus, but not mandatory)

 3. Applicant who is already in Korea, with necessary documents for legal registration with the Ministry of Education,  AND available for an interview on an ASAP basis.

 4. Reliability, punctuality,enthusiasm, professional appearance and demeanor.

 5. Someone who is great with kids and has a genuine interest in their progress.

 6. Available to start on an ASAP basis, and available for 1 year employment (Thursdays) AND
      a minimum of 3 months (Wednesdays)

   If you are interested in this Part-time position, and meet ALL of the above requirements, kindly forward
   the following to the e-mail relay link above :

  Resume, personal photo, (proof of) current visa status (and duration of validity)
  & nationality, and (optional) any teaching certificate(s) obtained, if applicable.
  Also, please be sure to include your current contact information (cell phone number)
  KakaoTalk ID (if you have one) etc. 

  Looking forward to your e-mail with the requested information and any additional questions you may have.   THANKYOU !!   

 * Only AFTER above requested documents have been sent, direct calls are welcome, as this position is available
    on an ASAP basis ~

 Contact number will be e-mailed to qualified and suitable applicants ~ please check your e-mail shortly after having sent your information via the e-mail relay link, above.   THANKYOU !