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Listening Activities
« on: September 22, 2017, 03:42:15 pm »
Does anyone have any good ideas for the listening period? At one of my elementary schools I always have to come up with an activity for the listening period. I do not like playing the same game all the time. For the listening period, the best option I can come up with right now is to keep playing bingo.

I have a fifth grade with 23 students. The seating arrangement in my class is not very conducive for a quiet class. There are not enough tables so there are three fifth graders at every table. My class is also on a Friday during 5th and 6th periods, so you can imagine how much the students concentrate.

Because of the seating arrangement I do not even want to try a snatch activity. The class has mostly boys and I can just imagine them fighting for the right card.

Other listening activities I have tried and do not work well or I do not think will work are:

       Target Activity: Only has three students listening at one time and gives too much time to chitchat
       Chinese Whispers: The students just start talking after they whisper. It works okay for the writing period because I play like running dictation so students need to keep going.
       Snatch: Already Mentioned
       Musical vocabulary/ Chairs: Too competitive/ Too many students
       Trash Can Game: Again not enough students involved
       Simon Says: Really only good for younger students
       Listen/Decode Game: Students did not seem very interested in it.

Thanks in advance.